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10 Weird Beauty Tips You’ve Ever Heard – Part 2

by Fashionlady
Beauty Tips

Weird Beauty Tips

As we’ve already discussed about some weird beauty tips which actually work in our previous issue; in this edition, we’re going to discuss the same but with some more weird tips.

Do have a read to enjoy and learn alike!

1. Hemorrhoid for puffy eyes

The hemorrhoid cream used under the eyes reduces puffiness. You would have surely heard about this grandma’s trick and it actually works. The cream shrinks the puffiness, as it consists of anti-inflammatory agents. So, it can temporarily reduce puffiness.

Hemorrhoid for puffy eyes

Source: pinterest.com

2. Honey & milk bath

The lactic acid found in milk is a natural skin-softener. We know it’s impossible to fill an entire bath tub with honey & milk and it would seem too indulgent. So, it’s better if we use a small basin t soak feet and hands or else we can add a few cups of milk to bucket. And a few teaspoons of honey to enable its anti-bacterial effect.

best beauty tips

Source: pinterest.com

3. Red wine for skin

Red wine is fabulous for our skin. The antioxidants and poly phenols found in wine are good for softening skin and they’re easily absorbed. Similar to the above tip, you can either drench yourself in complete wine and feel luxe or try in smaller doses like a foot or hand soak.

red wine for skin

Source: pinterest.com

4. Boxers for curly hairs

Ladies with locks should borrow their boyfriends’ or hubbies’ pair of boxers (of course clean) to dry their wet curly hair. A towel’s fiber actually increases  frizziness, where as simple cotton is far less troublesome.

Boxers for curly hairs

Source: pinterest.com

During my degree days, I used to see how my roommate would come out of shower and wear her boyfriend’s boxers on her head till she was done with her make-up.

5. Lettuce & spinach for nails and hair

It may sound grandma’s tale but lettuce and spinach fights wrinkles. They keep our hair and nails healthy by fortifying your diet with lots of silicone-rich foods.

spinach for nails and hair

Source: pinterest.com

So, your this weekend’s smart buys should include Romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, and tomatoes (for your beauty therapy remember!)


6. Celery seed combats bloating

Today after you return home, start ransacking your kitchen rack to look for celery seeds, which are natural diuretic to combat bloating.

Weird Beauty Tricks

Source: pinterest.com

Well, this veggie is helpful in fighting bad breath, as it contains antibacterial properties. Just chew on a fresh sprig (dried leaves are of no use remember).

8. Honey for cracked lips

Honey helps greatly in repairing cracked lips. It heals and hydrates, plus its anti-bacterial properties make it good for healing cold sores too.

honey for cracked lips

Source: pinterest.com

9. Chilled green tea bags reduce puffiness

Chilled, already-steeped green tea bags are best way to fight puffy circles and they are more affective when applied in morning.

Store two bags in refrigerator for 20 minutes and then keep on your eyes. The brew’s caffeine will help increase micro-circulation, giving you ultimate soothing to your eyes.

Chilled green tea bags for puffy eyes

Source: pinterest.com

10. Caffeine increases physical activity

An American College of Sports Medicine has found out that consuming caffeine, be it coffee, iced tea or soda, helps in increasing physical activity. So, in your next session don’t forget to have your coffee/tea before you workout.

Caffeine for physical activity

Source: pinterest.com

 I hope this post was useful!

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