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15 Quick Beauty Fixes – You Will Thank Us For Every Beauty Tip

by Fashionlady
15 Quick Beauty Fixes – You will definitely thank us for each of these life-saving Beauty Tip

Quick Beauty Fixes
Applying make-up is a long careful process. But then there are those days, when you need to finish up in ten minutes and rush out the door. The worst thing to happen at such a time is a makeup blunder, causing you first to remove the blundered make-up and then to start all over. Well, we stress on no stress any more. Here is a list of some quick beauty fixes, which should have you ready quicker than you expect.

1. Make Up Powder

Sometimes in a hurry, we tend to apply more powder than is necessary, making the face look rather white. Instead of rushing to clean it off and start from the scratch, there is an easier trick. Wait for a couple of minutes for the skin’s natural oils to absorb the powder. If it still looks like much, take a tissue and hold it over your face and spray it with a light layer of facial mist. This will instantly moisturize the skin and take away the excessive powdery finish.

Make up powder

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2. Conceal the Red Pimple Marks

To get that flawless complexion, you must ensure to use a yellow based concealer, which will camouflage the redness caused by any pimples or marks. Use a concealer brush to apply it right on the marks and then blend it in with your finger.

2. Conceal the Red Pimple Marks

3. Turning Bad Hair Day into a Good One

Worst are those days, when you wake up with flat and limp hair. Leaving it open is not an option and even a ponytail doesn’t work. To pump up the volume of your hair, slightly dampen the hair and blow dry it. Once you are done, switch the blow dryer in to the cool setting and flip your head over. Use the dryer on the cool setting on the hair, which will create air pockets making your hair look voluminous.

Bad Hair day

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4. Long Lasting Make-Up

Make up usually begins to fade towards the latter half of the day. And you don’t want to look washed out before you step into a meeting, or head out with friends. Just keep a pearly white lip gloss handy, which will help you multitask. Not only will it give a shimmery finish to your lips, but it also doubles up on the brow bones and the cheeks as a highlighter, giving you an instant radiance.

Long Lasting makeup

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5. Have a Radiant Glow on Skin

Is your skin looking dull today? Give it a gorgeous glow by mixing one part foundation with one part liquid illuminator. Apply it all over the face and blend it in with your fingertips, and shine on for the rest of the day.


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6. Correct Your Eyeliner

Don’t you just hate it when you are applying liner and a shaky hand makes it look extremely thick and uneven? When both eyes don’t match, you don’t need to wipe it off and start all over. Instead dip an ear bud into some lotion or eye makeup remover and erase the unwanted part of the liner with a quick swipe. All good to go!

Correct Eyeliner

Source: Correct Eyeliner

7. Lighten Your Applied Blush

Is the blush you applied looking too bright? Or hasn’t quite turned out to be the shade you expected? Use the same sponge you used for the foundation and lightly dab it over the blush or layer it with a neutral shade of blush. It should work to tone down the colour of the original blush.

lighten blush

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8. Soften The Lipstick Colour One Shade Down

And what about when the lipstick looks too bright? Dab it with a tissue a few times and then apply a clear lip balm or Vaseline over it. This will help soften the colour.

soften lipstick

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9. Waxing Legs In A Shorter Time

Are unwaxed legs stopping you from wearing your favourite dress to a great party? Jump into the shower with a bottle of baby oil and a razor. Smooth the oil over your legs and then shave. The oil will protect the skin from the harshness of the blade and will also leave you with unexpectedly smooth legs!

11. Wiping Off Extra Layer of Foundation

If you ended up applying too much concealer or foundation, your face can begin to look cakey and saturated. Instead of wiping it all off, just dampen your fingers with water and blend the excess concealer/foundation. This will help smoothen it out.

wiping foundation

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12. Make Up For After Work Party

Before heading out to that after work party, no need to wash your face and start applying makeup from the scratch. Rather, simply apply on a light moisturizer over your day make-up and then go ahead with the touch up. The moisturizer gives you an instant fresh and dewy look.

Make Up For After Work Party

Source: nyccosmeticdermatology.com

13. Freshen Eye Look, After the Sleepless Nights

If you have had a long night, your eyes will be the first ones to give it away. To create the illusion of bright awake eyes, use a flesh toned liner to line the lower inner rims of the eyes. This will counterbalance the redness and make your eyes look brighter.

Freshen Eye Look, After the Sleepless Nights

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14. Alternative For Shampooing Your Hair

Had a late night and didn’t wake up in time to shampoo? Mix some matte bronzer with baby powder (for dark hair) and use a makeup brush to sweep it over your roots. It’s the easiest alternative to dry shampoo.

Alternative For Shampooing Your Hair

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15. Even Out The Uneven Lipstick

Sometimes while applying a dark or bright coloured lipstick, it could end up uneven if you are not used to regular application. An uneven lipstick stands out most with dark and bright colours. If you fall prey to this, use a matching lip liner after you are done applying the lipstick to fix any mismatched edges.

Even out uneven lipstick

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Hope these quick fixes come to your rescue in a great extent! Do keep us updated.

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