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How To Use Bobby Pins – Learn In 25 Different Ways

by Fashionlady
25 Different Ways to Use Bobby Pins

25 Different Ways to Use Bobby Pins
Bobby pins come in handy not just for their obvious use but also for some not-so-obvious but super clever uses. Here we list 25 different ways in which you can use your bobby pins. Get prepared to be amazed, the tiny bobby pin is going to surprise you with its list of versatile uses.

1. Sprayed with hairspray

If your bobby pins seem to always be slipping and losing their grip, try spraying them with hairspray and then using them to clip your hair. The coated spray will provide a better grip and keep your pin and hair in place.

2. As a nail art tool

You can use the tip of a bobby pin to create your own nail art. This is a fun and inexpensive way to try your hands at nail art, not to mention it’s quite effective too.

nail art tool

Source: cdnpix.com

3. As a bookmark

Reading a novel and need to take a break? Pull out a bobby pin from your hair and slip it onto the page to act as a bookmark.


Source: babesinhairland.com

4. To create fun designs

Who says bobby pins have to hide in your hair and should not be visible? Use bright coloured bobby pins to create some fun designs and patterns on your hair.

create fun designs

Source: salonpure.co.uk

5. To lift up your ponytail

You can actually use a couple of bobby pins to lift up your ponytail, giving it height. Here’s a picture that shows you how to do it.

To lift up your ponytail

Source: pinimg.com

6. To keep your belt in place

You know how sometimes the loose end of a belt will flap and sag? Secure it with a bobby pin and it will stay neatly in place.

7. To make your own hair accessories

All you need is some cute buttons or shells or any other such trinkets, craft glue and a couple of bobby pins to create pretty hair accessories. Alternatively, you can also paint your bobby pins with glitter nail polish to make them more bling and fun.

To make your own hair accessories

Source: fatesguild.com

8. To open a lock

As witnessed in countless movies, bobby pins can be used to pick a lock if you’ve lost the key or if you’re snooping around doing some private investigation. Of course this is not as easy as they make it look in the movies, but it can be done if you know what you’re doing.

To open a lock

Source: wikihow.com

9. To keep your hair in place

If you are always trying to force your hair behind your ears and it keeps coming out, then try using two small bobby pins behind your ears to keep you hair in place. They won’t be visible and you won’t have to be constantly touching and adjusting your hair.

10. To make your own jewellery

You can make some interesting jewellery using bobby pins. Here are a few examples.

10. To make your own jewellery

Source: feminiya.com


13. As a clothes pin for your undergarments

If you run out of clothes pegs while hanging out your clothes to dry, use bobby pins instead, for smaller items such as underwear and socks.

14. To keep your money safe

There are some places that you probably don’t want to carry a purse to, like a concert or a rally. Well a sneaky way to carry some emergency cash is to clip it onto your bra with a bobby pin to keep it in place.

15. To squeeze out toothpaste

Simply slip a bobby pin onto the end of a toothpaste tube, press it together and pull it upwards to squeeze out every bit of toothpaste in there.

16. As a paper clip

Bobby pins make great paper clips. Clip it on to keep your papers in order.

17. To mark the end of the tape

Isn’t it highly annoying to search for the end of a cellophane tape? Now get rid of this annoyance by clipping on your bobby pin to mark the end of the tape. It will make life so much more easier the next time you have to use the tape.

18. To replace a broken zipper

If the puller in your zipper breaks, insert a bobby pin through the hole and use it to pull your zipper up and down.

19. To keep clothing hem in place

If the hem in your clothing unravels, a quick fix solution is to use a bobby pin to keep it in place till you can later sew it back on.

20. To get rid of blackheads

Bobby pins can be used to remove blackheads without leaving a scar. Simply use the loop (curved) part to gently squeeze out the blackheads.

21. To create seemingly complicated hairstyles

You can braid your hair and join the braids with bobby pins to create complex hairstyles.

To create seemingly complicated hairstyles

Source: blogspot.com

22. To keep a nail in its place

While hammering in a nail, instead of holding it with your fingers and risk bashing them up, clip a bobby pin to the nail and hold the bobby pin to keep the nail in place.

23. To reach hard-to-reach places

Sometimes reset buttons for your television or watch may be quite impossible to reach. While you can use a safety pin for this purpose, it is quite sharp and might scratch and damage the surface. So simply use a small bobby pin instead to reset the button.

24. As stitch markers

You can use bobby pins to help with your crocheting by using them as stitch markers. They are much less expensive and just as good at the job.

stitch markers

Source: wordpress.com

25. To keep your tie in place

You can use a bobby pin to keep your tie in place and avoid having the layers move up or down.

To keep your tie in place

Source: blogspot.com

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