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5 Reasons Why We Love Victoria Beckham!

by Fashionlady
Reasons Why We Love Victoria Beckham

5 Reasons Why We Love Victoria Beckham
When we think of Victoria Beckham, the only things that comes to over mind are her sense of style. She has taken the celeb world by a storm with her style and attitude and yet, she is so grounded.

Here are 5 reasons why we love her the most!

1. She’s a spice girl

Technically she was a former spice girl. The band members decided to pursue their solitary dreams and Victoria went her way. But you know what they say right? Once a spice girl, always a spice girl! And you gotta love a spice girl.

2. She’s has excellent taste when it comes to fashion

When the Spice girls pursued their dreams, Posh did that too. She had style and elegance back then so she just implemented it. She tired her hand at fashion and God did we love it? Overnight she became a fashionista and style icon. Her sheath dresses are still to die for!

3. She’s a super mom

Yes, she is! 4 kids and she still looks gorgeous. 3 of them are boys and out of those, two of them are hormonal teenagers. How does she manage all of them with a high flying career? We have no clue. But she does that and that is why we simply adore her.

4. She has a kick ass sense of humour

Remember that time she came on Ellen’s Show and made Ellen wear heels, fancy sunglasses and a kick ass bag? Yes! Enough said. She was cool back then. To be honest, she still is.

Victoria Beckham has a kick ass sense of humour

Source: justjared.com

5. Her husband is David!!

As conceited as it may sound, she married the love of her life, and to this day, the couple is inseparable and overly in love. No scandals, no juicy gossips, just pure love!! You guys do realise how absolutely drool worthy her husband is?

Victoria Beckham husband is David

Source: gstatic.com

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