Refrain from Wearing These!


Even the most dedicated fashion followers will agree to the fact that unfortunately there are trends which shouldn’t have existed. In this post I bring to you 8 items you should think twice before wearing.

It’s natural to flow with the trends. When the craze for a certain style takes up the majority of a group; it’s obvious to see the young minds easily getting attracted towards it.

If you ever check your school/college days’ album, you’ll be surprised how you used to dress up only because others in your campus were doing so, irrespective of the fact that the trend hardly suited your personality.

Trends are simultaneously some of the most exciting and the most treacherous things in the fashion world.


Something that is hot at the moment can quickly go out of fashion the next season. This is the reason fashion gurus always suggest the fashion enthusiasts to never ignore their instinct while adopting a particular style.

While experimenting new things can be fun; it can be a risky business too. Fashion faux pass is the last thing you would wish for.

I have gathered 8 of the most challenging fashion trends of this decade from the fashion archives. I am sure this will surely help my readers understand the factor that some trends actually don’t work. Do have a read to go through 8 items you should think twice before wearing.

1. Suspenders/Braces

This is one of the androgynous trends which I just can’t stand. Why don’t we just leave the suspenders for the older generation guys, who need this thing to hold their trousers up.

No matter if Annie Hall had hugely popularized these menwear accessories back in 1970’s, but I am sure even the most versatile fashion experts won’t give a nod for this item. So, a strict ‘no’ this for this ‘braces’ trend!


2. Mom Jeans

Whenever I come across this term, I remember Jessica Simpson.

Mom Jeans at least for me is a humorously negative term for particular kind of women’s jeans, which is nothing but a fashion embarrassment.


The design which is only unflattering to the wearer’s body shape was considered highly fashionable in 80′s and early 90′s. The style involved high waist making the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they actually are.


6. Acid-Washed Denim

I agree to the fact that there was a time when the acid-washed denims looked stylish, but eventually they went out of fashion and now rather look thrifty. Go for natural washes instead that will wear well over time.


7. Head-to-toe Vintage

Unless you are Julia Roberts, who had worn the legendary Valentino vintage black and white gown; you shouldn’t think of doing something similar.


Unless you are wearing a single item such as a vintage designer gown, do not go for mix and match of your mom’s wardrobe. Instead, make sure to balance your treasured vintage finds with more modern pieces, so that you do not look over dramatic.

8. Plastic Clogs

I just don’t understand how women wear these foot wears. They seem to me as if they have rushed out from their gardening or hospital work. No matter if they are virtually indestructible, they are a sartorial eyesore to be honest enough.


So there are my top picks from the list of 8 items you should think twice before wearing!


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