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A List Of Beauty Tips And Secrets From Around The World Just For You

by Fashionlady
Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips And Secrets

This is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs, where we would enlighten you on the wonders of the world- we aren’t talking about heritage sites or monuments here- beauty tips and beauty hacks from the world over is what we want to share with you.

Amazing easy and trendy beauty tips from around the world

Fasten your seat belts whilst we take you on a gorgeous journey and dole out the best beauty tips and beauty hacks from many continents across the globe.

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In Italy, women have always used castor oil and applied it on their eyelashes and the eyebrows for thicker hair growth and to prevent them from falling or breaking.

Beauty Rituals

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The Chinese have been known to mix a teaspoon of rosemary oil with a cup of green tea brew and have washed their hair with it for an ultimate shine to achieve. This is also a potion that doubles up as a face wash, since its active ingredients help defeat the onslaught of free radicals- white tea too can do wonders for your hair and skin- the antioxidants can help.

Beauty Tips Around The World

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Ancient Grecian women and till this day used and still use baby oil to help beat sunburns and to exfoliate their skin. No wonder the Greeks are known for the best skin around the world; skin that is soft, supple and that which glows.


Skin Care Secret

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Polish women have always used raw honey as a facial mask. The hydrating effects and the moistness the raw honey can bring cannot be undermined, and it helps smoothen out the skin texture too which is why a tablespoon of raw honey is applied on the skin almost daily before they bathe.

Skin Care Secrets

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Brazilian girls and divas are the hottest known to us all, and the beaches are proof to the same. What most Brazilian women do is to rub a handful of sand on their bodies each day, which helps remove dead skin cells and cellulite from the body. So now you know why the Latinas are so hot and sultry? It is because of the beauty secrets they use, with sand!

Yarrow is used in Australia to get rid of stretch marks, which can be ugly and very unsightly. This is one of the ancient skin care secrets that the aboriginal Australian women have taught the modern day Australian to use.

Natural Beauty Secrets Around The World

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If you are wondering how Columbian women always have a shine and lustre on their hair, look at the avocado for an answer. They make a paste of the fruit and apply it raw on their hair, and wash it off after an hour. This is done twice a week and the hair is deep conditioned and kept in good health.

natural beauty secrets from around the world

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Beauty Rituals Around The World

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Garlic pods in Dominica Republic are much more than just herbs for medicine and cooking, they can be one of the best natural beauty secrets from around the world too. Cut and rub a garlic pod on the nails every night and wash it off the next morning. You may also chop garlic and immerse it into your nail polish, and apply the same on your fingernails the next day. This helps keep the nails strong!

Natural Beauty Secrets

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Do let us know if you have your own beauty tips around the world or know off beauty rituals around the world that can be useful for us all to learn about!

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