Top 9 Alternatives To Water During Summer


Summers are officially here. One thing you just cannot skip is drinking water. Is water the only way to stay hydrated? Thankfully, not. There are many other alternatives to water during summer which will keep your body temperature in check and your taste buds pampered. Do you know what they are? Let us find out.

Alternatives to water

List Of Top 9 Healthy Alternatives To Water:

Here are some nice and healthy alternatives to water which are low-cal as well.

1. Fresh Juices:

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or for that matter apple juice with a dash of ginger are surely inexpensive drinks to stay hydrated. There is no end to the combinations you can make and add to your flask or water bottle. It is a delightful and delicious way of staying hydrated without adding too many extra calories to your summer diet.

Do you see the label while buying bottled juice? You better. Also, choose the ones, which are ‘not from concentrate’ and are without ‘artificial colors’ or ‘hi-fructose corn syrup’.

Always remember – when you mix juice with water, it lowers the sugar content. This helps in regulating your blood sugar levels. In addition, it will make your juice last longer.

Fresh Juices

2. Soups:

A light veggie soup can be enjoyed as a snack in the mid-morning hours or afternoon. This will boost your daily water intake and energy levels. Be more creative in making the soup by adding some high water content vegetables e.g. celery, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and zucchini. You can blend all these ingredients too and take it in a thermos/flask to work. It will be tasty and hydrating to sip the soup all day, and more nutritious than your regular colas and beverages. Isn’t a bowl of hot soup one of the best alternatives to water? You bet, it is.

Healthy alternatives to water

3. Smoothies:

Ah! Did I see a smile on your lips while reading this post? When it comes to alternative drinks to be hydrated, smoothies fit the bill. You just need to add some fruits with high water content, such as oranges, peaches, pineapples, plums, raspberries, blueberries, watermelon (92 percent of watermelon is water), and cantaloupes to your glass of goodness.

Give up your usual smoothie thickeners like almond milk, dairy, soy or rice milk and add water instead. Make a big pitcher which you can keep sipping the whole day or whenever hunger strikes.

Alternative drinks to be hydrated

4. Coconut Water:

There is nothing better, more nourishing, and refreshing in summers than the tropical drink Nariyal Pani. In fact, coconut water is an excellent way to rehydrate the body, after your exercise sessions. Coconut water is one of the most pocket-friendly and healthy alternatives to water.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals (such as potassium) that help restore fluid balance and replenish ‘electrolytes’ that we lose while sweating excessively during the hot months. However, it is advisable to avoid consuming packaged coconut water.

Coconut Water

5. Herbal Teas:

Supposing you don’t have a flair or the time for chopping, peeling, and making juices, no worries. Just brew yourself a cup of herbal tea. For hot summer days, there is peppermint tea, chamomile tea or nettle tea, which you can drink either as a hot beverage or cool them in the fridge to sip and enjoy as a homemade iced drink. It needs just a bit of effort on your part to make healthy drinks to stay hydrated at home.

If you are game for that, then the choices and varieties of teas you can drink are many. Keep switching between the hot and cold versions of herbal teas so that you never get bored with the taste. This way, you will also give your body the hydration it needs in the peak of summers…even if you are not a conscious health-watcher.

Herbal Teas

6. Skimmed Milk:

The idea of drinking milk in summers might make you run far away. But there is always the option of fat-free milk which you can include in your summer diet. Hope you know that milk is much better than water and sports drinks when it comes to rehydration and recovery after exercise. Chocolate milk is a good example in this case. So, skimmed milk is one of the better examples of healthy alternatives to water.

When are you going to start drinking skimmed milk? No excuses, this time, okay?

7. Vegetable Juices:

If you want low-calorie ways to get extra nutrition in your diet, then go for delicious vegetable juices. They are the best alternative drinks to be hydrated as they also bring the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals. Only thing is they can be high in sodium. Make your own fresh vegetable juice in the comfort of your home to avoid any hygiene-related health issues. Add a little fresh fruit as topping for sweetness.

8. Low-Sodium Broth:

Vegetable or chicken broth (low sodium) is a tasty alternative to plain water. A 1-cup serving of chicken broth has only 38 calories and 72 milligrams of sodium. But more than that, it is packed with minerals, like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. It also has 4.8 grams of protein. Just add mushrooms to the broth and this will provide flavorsome texture to this hydrating soup.


Low-Sodium Broth For health

9. Infused Water:

Also known as, “spa” water, infused water consists of water with added fruits, herbs or veggies. Spa water can be bought at the local grocery store, though some brands contain added sugar or sugar substitutes.

Now that you know so many alternatives to water during summer, do tell us your best bet to beat the heat in the comments box below.


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