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25 Triphala Churna Benefits, Ingredients, How To Take, Side Effects

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Benefits of Triphala Churna

Triphala Churna Benefits

Whether it’s science, medicine or technology, it has evolved by leaps and bounds today and completely changed our way of thinking as well as our lifestyle. This has also revealed the various side-effects and dangers of allopathic medicines. Like the earth is round and you need to come back to the same place, we, humans are also returning back currently to the age old medicines provided by nature via trees, herbs, kitchen ingredients, spices, condiments etc. This explains why Ayurveda has suddenly assumed a very important place in our life to help us lead a healthy life.

One such gift of the Indian traditional system of medicine i.e. Ayurveda is the Triphala Churna. It is a wonderful remedy of a number of day-to-day health problems, from mild to serious ones.

Let’s know more about this amazing remedy:

Know About Triphala Churna

Triphala or triphala churna is one of the most versatile Ayurvedic herbal formulations crafted out of the dried powder of three different fruits. Over a thousand year old recipe, this can be traced back to the traditional Indian Ayurvedic texts- the Charaka and Sushruta Samhitas. Even its name is derived by combining the Sanskrit word, ‘tri’ meaning three and ‘phala’ which means fruit. The word ‘churna’ means powder. Its benefit is so high that is it also referred to as ‘nectar of life’.

Triphala Churna Ingredients

Triphala is made by mixing the dried powder of three fruits: amla, haritaki and bibhataki. They might be mixed in equal proportions though the most ideal ratio of mix of baheda, harad and amla is considered at 2:1:4. The table has been drawn below for easy reference. Each of the ingredients has its own medicinal value.

Ingredients Alias Names Triphala Ratio (700 gm Churna)
Bibhitaki Baheda, Bedda, Vibhidaka, Beleric, Belleric Myrobalan 2oo gm
Haritaki Chebula, black, Chebulic myrobalan, Harda, harad 100 gm
Amla Emblic Myrobalan, Myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Malacca tree 400 gm


Scientifically called as Terminalia bellirica, the herb is renowned for its rejuvenating and blood purifying properties.

  • While detoxifying the body, it also removes excess fat from the body.
  • In the Ayurvedic treatment, it is used extensively in the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes as well as rheumatism.
  • It also strengthens the hair roots and delays the graying of hair while promoting hair growth.
  • Highly effective against liver and heart diseases, it improves voice and vision.
  • It also strengthens the body’s immune power against bacterial and viral infections.
  • It is known to eliminate and balance out the Kapha Dosha. Its astringent properties make it a terrific herb for treating all cough and cold ailments.
  • According to some studies, the herb’s extract shows promise of inhibiting atherosclerosis plaque progression.
  • The herb is known to be supportive to three essential tissues of the body namely plasma, muscles and bone.



Scientifically called Terminalia chebula, Haritaki is renowned as the Tibetan “king of medicine.” This nut like fruit is picked up while still yellow and ripening. It is one of the most components of the traditional medicine of both Iran and India. Hailed as the classic brain-heart-longetivity tonic, it is often depicted in the extended palm of the Buddha. Known for balancing the Vata dosha and for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, the range if diseases that this herb can cure are truly amazing!

  • The herb also manifests analgesic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-aging, anti arthritic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-pyretic, hypoglycemic and hypo-lipidemic properties.
  • It is considered extremely beneficial for eyes in treating diseases like cataract and glaucoma.
  • It can accelerate the process of healing of wound and keeps liver and spleen healthy.
  • It is also known to enhance mental clarity and memory.
  • It purifies the blood, eliminates all toxins from the body as well as fat residues from veins and arteries.
  • It is believed to awaken the non-mechanical part of the brain to make both your body and mind come fresh and alive.



A translucent green fruit, the Indian gooseberry amla is scientifically known as Emblica officinalis. It is touted as one of Ayurveda’s most revered rejuvenators, Considered as one of the highest source of vitamin C and a natural powerful anti-oxidant, this is the major component of the triphala powder and is largely responsible for its detoxification effect. Slightly bitter in taste, it is considered the ultimate storehouse of minerals, vitamins and other bio-chemical substances leading to good health.

  • It is known to majorly balance the Pitta Dosha though it also balances Vata and Kapha Dosha.
  • The polyphenols component in it is known to prevent cancer.
  • The powder is known to enhance absorption of both iron and calcium which keeps our bones, teeth, nails etc. healthy while increasing the hemoglobin level of the body.
  • It strengthens nearly all body systems, be it reproductive, digestive, immunity etc. as well as purifies the urinary system.
  • It not only enhances the brain functionality but also makes the eye muscles more robust and is great to improve eyesight.
  • It can cure various diseases and help achieve out beauty of glowing skin as well as thick lustrous shiny hair.


25 Major Benefits of Triphala Churna

Because of the combined tonic and eliminative properties of the Triphala powder, it causes various health issues. It is often called as a complete health supplement which one should take to remain healthy. Let’s look at some of the major health benefits of this powder also called as the elixir of life.

1. Laxative

A mild non-habit forming laxative, triphala powder makes the digestive system robust, loosens the stools and eases constipation disorders. The amla component of it executes intestinal repair, bibhitaki eliminates all mucus from the walls while haritaki strengthens the intestinal muscles to facilitate easy movement of the bowel. Haritaki contributes as major laxative here by acting as a lubricant, astringent as well as anti-parasitic property. It also helps in the assimilation and absorption of food particles.

How to use

  • To get relief from constipation, about 2 teaspoons of the triphala powder should be mixed with lukewarm water and consumed at night.
  • Nothing should be eaten after drinking the concoction. Water can be had after half an hour of drinking this solution.
  • If one is suffering from acute constipation, then the mixture should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning as well. However, for it, two teaspoons of the powder and some crushed ginger should be mixed with water and allowed to soak overnight for a minimum of eight hours.
  • The mixture should be boiled to half its quantity in the morning and strained.
  • The juice of half a lemon is now added to it and the drink sipped warm. Taken for a week, it would clean the colon and detoxify the body.

2. Mild Antacid

Triphala powder makes the entire digestion and elimination system robust and balanced. The anti-inflammatory properties of the powder along with its power to balance the Pitta Dosha make the powder a mild and effective antacid.

How to use

  • To get rid of any flatulence, acidity etc., about 1 gm of powder or two capsules should be taken
  • Consume half an hour before meals with a large glass of water twice a day.

3. Anti-hypertensive

Triphala powder has amazing blood pressure regulating properties. It can normalize the blood flow by lowering its cholesterol level and lowering atherosclerosis in arteries. The powder works in multiple ways to regulate and lower the blood pressure. The powder has essential fatty acids like linolenic acid which is an awesome detractor of all heart problems. The anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties of the mix help in reducing edema. Cumulatively, this lowers the pressure of the blood against the blood vessel walls. This reduces the resistance and thus the work load on the heart. Its anti-spasmodic properties prevents erratic blood pressure

  • To get relief and depending on the conditions, one to two teaspoons should be taken.
  • Consume after meals twice a day.

6. Anti-mutagenic

The powder shows a high anti-mutagenic property. It easily destroys all free radicals in the blood significantly increases the body’s antitumor activity. This activity of the powder is partially due to its interaction with cell cycle regulation. It has also shown to increase the life span of tumor bearing animals on the lab.

How to use

  • As directed by the doctor or in any of the common ways of consuming it.

7. Anti-oxidant

It is said that nature has the cure for everything. Triphala powder with high Vitamin C has exceptionally high content of antioxidants, phyto-chemicals and phenolic contents. It is believed to be one of the strongest natural anti-oxidant available. Because of this, it gently cleanses and detoxifies the entire body while simultaneously it nourishes and replenishes it. It improves the peristalsis movement and flushes out all the toxic buildup from the body. This flush-out of radicals and toxins lends a radiant glow to your skin while enhancing internal health.

How to use

  • One of the best way to extract maximum advantage from the powder is to drink its tea.
  • For it, a decoction is prepared by adding ½ teaspoon of the triphala powder to a cup of boiling water.
  • Once the mixture is steeped for about 5 minutes, it can be sipped and enjoyed before meals or right in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • The taste might be a little unpleasant initially but gradually the taste grows on you.

8. Anti-inflammatory

Triphala poser has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces both internal and external inflammation arising out of low immunity or deficiency of nutrients in the body. This function is further enhanced by its anti-bacteria land anti-viral properties. This helps wounds heal faster and a soothing effect creeping in soon.

How to use

  • Can be consumed as tea or mixed in water
  • Can also be mixed in juice.

9. Anti-pyretic

A scientific study conducted on the herbal formula of Triphala established the powder having a mild analgesic, antipyretic and ulcerogenic effects on the mice. Additionally, it did not cause any gastric damage. The powder has an inhibitory effect on the prostaglandin-biosynthesis and significant reduction in rectal pyrexia, thereby bringing the temperature and pain level of the body down.

How to use

  • Can be taken in any way described earlier
  • It can also be taken as its pills.


10. Analgesic

Studies have established the analgesic properties of the powder. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties along with its anti-inflammatory properties enhance its analgesic properties. It not only relieves joints and bone pain but also relieves general body pain and brings down the temperature of the body.

How to use

  • Whenever one feels pain or slight temperature, one can simply mix half a tablespoon of triphala powder in lukewarm water
  • Consume the drink.
  • Anti-bacterial

High in vitamin and anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral components, the mix is highly effective against any kind of viral and bacterial infections, be it common cough and cold or even HIV. Simultaneously, it also strengthens the body immunity system by killing free radicals and flushing out toxins, which in turn increases the body’s resistance to infections. It is highly effective in inhibiting the work of the bad bacteria of the stomach, intestine and colon.

How to use

It can be consumed as tea once or twice a day to experience relief. Mixing a tablespoon of the powder in lukewarm water and rinsing your mouth with it can significantly reduce the bacterial and streptococcal count in the saliva.

11. Adaptogenic

The amla powder of the component protects the human body from numerous biological, physical and chemical stressors. Normalizing the phagocytic activity, it protects tissues from stress-induced free radical damage and enhances the prostaglandin synthesis. Its detoxifying and antioxidant properties further destroy and free radicals in the blood and even ensure that it is flushed out completely by the body. This makes the mixture powder, a great adaptogenic.

How to use

  • Can be mixed and taken with water or juice in the morning or sipped as tea.
  • You can also enjoy its tea if you are feeling especially stressed out.

12. Anti-cancer

Owing to high anti-oxidants and polyphenols, the mixture has exhibited anti-mutagenic properties. Studies have established that it exhibits radio-protective, antineo-plastic and chemo-protective properties which go a long way in killing all cancer cells on the body. It slows down the growth of cancerous cells and initiates the death of the cancerous cells. Simultaneously, it cleanses and rejuvenates the tissues of the body which further blocks the formation of cancerous cells. The gallic acid of the powder is especially helpful in its anticancer activities.

How to use

  • It is recommended to take the powder under medical guidance for treating cancer.
  • However, its general recommendation is 10 mg/kg which should be taken mixed with a juice of water and preferably before radiation.
  • In general, as a protection, it can be taken twice mixed with juice or water after meals.

13. Carminative

The laxative and carminative nature of the triphala powder helps it to stimulate and strengthen the digestive system. The powder balances the Tridoshas by reducing Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Improving the digestive functionality, it enhances better absorption of nutrients and regulating the colon function. This helps in eliminating bloating, flatulence, fussy stomach and even diarrhea.

How to use

  • Take a spoonful of amla powder
  • Mix it with loads of water
  • Drinking this mixture on an empty stomach is the best way to get relief from stomach disorders.

14. Digestive stimulant

As already discussed, the powder is rich in nutrients which are effectively used as nutrients and vitamins in every part of the digestive tract, right from the esophagus to the anus. It cleanses the stomach, regularizes bowel movements, strengthens rectal muscles and even enhances better absorption of nutrients. It also boosts the entire metabolism process and thus acts as a digestive stimulant.

How to use

  • A tablespoon of the powder can be taken twice daily with lukewarm water after meals.

15. Emmenagogue

Triphala powder strengthens the reproductive organs and their functions as well as controls the secretion of sex hormones in both men and women. This helps in regulating the blood flow during the menstrual cycles as well as brings relief in any menstrual pain and cramps.

How to use

  • Use this powder as tea
  • Sip it

16. Expectorant

The powder acts as a scavenger to clear out all extra mucous lying about in the respiratory tract during cough and cold. It cleanses the liver and lungs thoroughly to prevent any kinds of lung disorders like bronchitis or liver diseases like jaundice. Its high Vitamin C content and antibacterial properties help ward off any cough and cold. It also enhances the body’s immunity power.

How to use

  • Can be sipped as tea twice or thrice a day
  • Use till symptoms subside.

17. Fat Burner

Regular usage of triphala powder has shown to reduce weight along with waist and hip circumference reduction. They not only help in burning the fat ingested to prevent it from storing in the body but also enhance the secretion of cholecystokinin. This hormone triggers your brain to make you feel full with less amount of food for a much longer time. It also ensures regular flush out of excess fat from the body. Consequently, you lose weight.

How to use

  • For optimal results, a tablespoon of it should be taken thrice a day
  • It should be mixed with lukewarm water and honey.

18. Haematinic

Triphala powder increases the absorption of iron in the body which in turn helps in increasing the blood hemoglobin levels. This it acts as a haematinic.

How to use

  • It can be taken in any of the ways stated above.

19. Hypoglycemic

Regulating the functioning of the pancreas and enhancing the secretion of insulin from the beta cells, the triphala powder in considered one of the best herbal remedies to treat diabetes and control blood sugar.

How to use

  • One teaspoon of it should be mixed with warm water
  • Take it twice a day after meals.

20. Immunomodulator

Thanks to its high Vitamin C content and high antioxidant properties, the body’s immunity system gets robust. The high bio-flavonoids content of the powder helps in faster healing of the body and its wounds. By improving the body’s digestive system, blood circulation and nourishing and rejuvenating the body from within via necessary nutrients and minerals; the power strengthens the immunity system.

How to use

  • Can be taken as two capsules twice a day.

21. Hair Growth

By clearing the bowels thoroughly, the powder prevents hair loss. Its anti-oxidant effect prevents premature graying of the hair. It also enhances blood circulation and better absorption of nutrients to nourish hair from within. The Bibhitaki component of the powder is especially known to strengthen the hair roots and promotes its growth.

How to use

  • For internal benefits it should be consumed as advised earlier.
  • It can also be used externally.
  • The powder should be mixed with some aloe vera and warm water to form a paste.
  • This should be applied well on the scalp and washed off after 5 to 10 minutes.

Tripala for Hair Growth

22. Dandruff

Applied externally, triphala can eliminate the most stubborn of dandruff.

How to use

  • Make a paste of triphala powder with some water and apply it well on the scalp.
  • Massage the paste gently.
  • Leave it and wash off after about 30 minutes.

Tripala for Dandruff

23. Reduce Dark Circles

Triphala powder is a very powerful herbal remedy to treat age-related eye problems like cataract, progressive myopia, glaucoma, irritation, fatigue etc. It helps in eliminating dark circles as well as improves eyesight by properly nourishing the eye cells.

How to use

  • In two glasses of water mix two tablespoonfuls of triphala power and allow it to soak overnight.
  • Boil the mixture in the morning to half and strain it.
  • Once it has cooled down completely, take some of the water in your cupped hand and immerse your eyes in your hands.
  • Blink a few times.
  • Ensure that the under eye also gets well covered with the solution.
  • Rinse off well with cold water afterward.
  • Repeat it daily in the morning.

Triphala Powder for Dark Circles

24. Treats Eczema

Eczema is basically a Pitta Dosha which overheats the blood and causes the toxic condition to erupt through the skin. Triphala powder can easily eliminate it.

How to use

Apart from internal consumption, the triphala water prepared for the eyes can also be applied to the areas affected with eczema to soothe and cure it.

25. Bad Breath

Poor oral hygiene and improper digestion are two major causes of bad breath. Apart from it, tooth decay, gum problems, post nasal drip, certain medicines or food, smoking etc. can cause bad breath. Triphala powder is an effective remedy for it.

How to use

  • Apart from internal intake to eliminate internal issues, one can always swish the mouth and gargle with triphala powder.
  • Just mix a tablespoon of triphala powder in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle.
  • Then rinse off with fresh water.
  • It would kill all bacteria in the mouth and reduce bad breath.

Method to Prepare Triphala Powder

While Triphala powder is easily available outside, it can easily be prepared at home as well. This assures you of quality as well as right balance of the three ingredients. The best combination ratio of Haritaki : Bibhitaki : Amalaki is 1:2:4. Thus, if you are getting 20 gms of Haritaki, Bibhitaki should be 40 gms and Amalaki 80 gm. Let’s look at the steps to prepare it.

  • Get the three ingredients in the stated proportion.
  • Make a fine powder of each by grinding it well and sieving them. Remember to throw away the seeds before grinding.
  • Mix the powder well in the stated ratio.
  • Store the powder in an airtight container and use as required.

How to Use Triphala Powder

Triphala powder is safe to use for all ages, right from the elderly to a young child. It can be taken in various ways as discussed above. Standard method for calculating the recommended amount per day for any individual is Age*0.12 grams. However, it can be varied according to disease, tolerance level and other considerations. One teaspoon is approximately 5 to 6 gm of the powder. While consuming it, one must keep certain precautions in mind:

  • The mixture should always be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • One should not eat anything for atleast an hour of taking the powder. Water can be consumed after half an hour of taking the powder.
  • Initially, one may experience symptoms like diarrhea though it fades in about 3-4 days.
  • If the triphala powder water mixture is tough to drink, you can add lemon and honey to enhance its taste.
  • It can also be taken in its capsule form.

Triphala Churna Side-Effects

Even though Triphala powder is safe to consume, it has a downward flowing energy which makes it important to know about its possible side effects and precautions.

  • Pregnant women should not take this powder as it can cause abortion and miscarriage in them. Even breastfeeding mothers should avoid it lest it causes problems with the child.
  • Children should never be given more than a pinch of powder.
  • Due to its laxative nature, stomach troubles can follow if taken in excess.
  • Since it majorly impacts blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure; people suffering from it must consume it under medical guidance to avoid sudden critical conditions.
  • Excess intake of powder can cause dehydration due to increased activity of the colon.
  • Excess intake can also cause diarrhea. Thus it’s important to stick to the right quantity.
  • Because of its high fibrous nature that does not get digested in the gastrointestinal tract, the herbal mixture can cause gas and bloating problems if taken in excess.

To avoid all side effects, it should always be taken in mild dosage and amount increased or decreased according to your body’s response.

We hope that now you can use Triphala Powder in the right manner to lead a much healthier and active lifestyle. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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