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20 Amazing Ways To Make Yourself Sneeze

by Fashionlady
Amazing Ways to Make You Sneeze

How To Force Sneeze

We are at some point stuck between the simplest issues such as wanting to sneeze, but not being able to. Here are quick and easy remedies that could be implemented on how to sneeze yourself. Trying to swallow, trying to yawn are all remedies you would have tried, Read on to know more about amazing ways to make yourself sneeze

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Life might be all hunky-dory, but when you sneeze in the midst of doing something, it can be a bit disturbing and disruptive. Sneezing happens when there is irritation in the nose. Despite being a small organ of the face, the nose is part of the five senses. And so, it is highly sensitive to smell, and polluting agents in the air. Therefore, it is important for you to sneeze, in order to get the irritants out of your nose.

What Is Sneezing?

Let us know the basics of what is sneezing in the first place. Now don’t be under the impression that it involves just the nose, even the respiratory system, and the brain are a part of the action. In fact, our brain has a special part which makes us sneeze. Plus, there is our diaphragm (which is a muscle that lies above our stomach and below the rib cage), the chest, the abdominal muscles and the throat, all putting their bit in the sneezing process.

Have you noticed that whenever we sneeze, our eyes tend to shut? It is an involuntary reflex action where the nose ejects millions of tiny mucous droplets into the atmosphere. These droplets travel at a speed of 40 miles an hour (approximately) and have millions of viruses. So, it is important to cover your nose by using a tissue while you are sneezing so that the germs do not spread.

Though most of us sneeze, but at times the action, meaning the sneeze, doesn’t get completed. The point is, how to ensure that the sneeze gets completed. Read the ways to make you sneeze below.

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How To Make YourSelf Sneeze

Here are some of the tried and tested ways to make you sneeze fully.

Tickling Your Nose

1. Tickling Your Nose With A Feather

What you need: A feather.

How to do: Irritate your nose from the inner side.

Pros: This will also make you realize how sensitive your nose is as smooth and nose-tickling as a feather.

Simple way to sneeze

Tissue Paper

2. Tickling Your Nose with a Tissue Paper

What you need: A tissue paper or cotton ball (in case you find it tough to find a feather).

How to do: Twist the end of a tissue paper and put it into the nose. This will cause the tissue paper to become wet. Continue the process of tickling your nose with the wet end of the tissue paper until your sneeze finally happens.

Harder Object

3. Harder Object

What you need: Ball point pen, pencil, etc.

How to do: Insert the end of whichever hard object you get in a soft way inside your nose. This should stimulate the sneeze to happen.

Cons: Since you are inserting hard objects in your nose to get the sneeze, make sure you do not end up hurting yourself in the process.

Mouth Roof

4. Stimulate your mouth’s roof

What you need: Your mouth.

Cons: Looking at the sun might harm your eyes, so be careful.

Tip: You can also stare at a light bulb or lamp and get the bright light needed to sneeze.

Sneeze Quietly

Smell Spice

6. Smell Strong Spice

What you need: Ideally pepper.

How to do: Open the container containing the spice and that’s enough for you to sneeze.

Tip: There are other spices, like Indian curry powder, coriander, cumin which have the power to make your sneeze.

sneeze loud with pepper


7. Smell Perfume

What you need: Strong perfume, preferably mint-based fragrances.

How to do: Irritate the inner side.

Pros: Spray the perfume around your nostril, not directly inside your nostril, but in such a way that you don’t inhale the droplets, yet they are close enough to irritate your nose lining to cause a sneeze.

Tip: Even toothpaste can bring about a sneeze.

Will Perfume make you sneeze

Walk In Cold Air

8. Take a Walk in Cold Air

What you need: Cold air (the one you get in the winter months).

How to do: Step out of your room in cold weather conditions. This will, in all probability, cause a sneeze.

Tip: Inhaling cold air from the refrigerator is an instant tip to lead you to sneeze.



9. Eat Chocolate

What you need: Dark chocolate.

How to do: Bite into a piece of dark chocolate that has extra cocoa. It will give you a sneeze.

Pros: Higher the cocoa content in a chocolate, more are your chances of sneezing.

Cons: If you are not used to eating chocolate, then this tip might disappoint you.

How to Sneeze Properly

Chew Gum

10. Chew Gum

What you need: Peppermint or spearmint chewing gum.

How to do: The mint flavour chewing gum causes a tickling sensation inside the nose or throat thereby leading to a sneeze.

Tip: You can try out Altoids.

Chewing Gum

Carbonated Water

11. Drink Carbonated Water

What you need: Soda drinks.

How to do: Drink the fizzy carbonated water immediately after you have opened the can or bottle.

Pros: Sodas have the ability to tickle your nose buds, so much that they can cause a sneeze.

Tip: Even alcohol or cough syrup can make you sneeze.

Drink Soda to Sneeze

Pluck Nose Hair

12. Pluck Nose Hair

What you need: Just your nose.

How to do: Pull your nose hair, one at a time with a force or jerk.

Pros: This activity stimulates your nose lining, causing a tickling sensation which can cause a sneeze.

Tip: You can use a pair of tweezers to see to it that you have a firm grip on the nose hair.

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Tweeze Eyebrows

13. Tweeze Eyebrows

What you need: Only your eyebrows are sufficient.

How to do: Pluck your eyebrows, and disturb the nerve that goes under it to bring the sneezing sensation.

Pros: The nerve running underneath your brows also runs through your nostrils. Plucking your brows automatically leads to sneezing.

Tip: Take a look at yourself in the mirror and decide the hairs in your eyebrows which need plucking.

pluck your eyebrow to sneeze


14. Dust

What you need: A duster.

How to do: Dust your home to get the cleanliness back.

Pros: Using a duster will make you sneeze effectively and many times.

Tip: Use the feather duster to tickle your nose (that you just used to dust).


15. Massager or Vibrator on the nose

What you need: You need a back massager or vibrator to be placed on the bridge of your nose. This will lead to the sneezing.

How to do: Switch on the massager or vibrator while placing its edge on the nose.

Pros: The vibrations that follow will stimulate the tickle spots on your nose, thereby causing the sneeze.

Inhale Water

16. Inhale Water

What you need: A cup of water and salt.

How to do: Add 1 teaspoon of salt to a vessel having warm water. Now inhale it through your nose to get a sneezing fit.

Tip: You can also put your nose in a cup containing water and then tilt your head backward.

17. Keep your Belly Full

What you need: Your stomach full to the brim.

How to do: All you need to do is eat to your heart’s content, in such a way that you cannot eat anymore.

Cons: See to it that you don’t overeat, as it can cause a spate of health problems.

Tip: About 10% of sneezing happens when your belly is full.

18. Nose Pinching

What you need: Your nose.

How to do: Pinch your nose bridge while placing two fingers on the nostrils. Hum at the same time while you are doing nose pinching. This causes vibrations and stimulates the trigeminal nerve causing the sneezing.

Tip: See to it that air escapes between your nose and fingers and tickles your nose in such a way that the sneeze happens.

Nose Pinching

Sneezing Powder

19. Sneezing Powder

What you need: Sneezing powder

How to do: When you take some sneezing powder, you will certainly sneeze.

Pros: Sneezing powder has alkaloids available in different fragrances and flavors.

Cons: Keep it away from small kids, the elderly or people with asthma.

Sneezing Powder

Fake It

20. Fake it

What you need: Nothing at all.

How to do: Confused whether you will sneeze or not? Just pretend, you will and it will hopefully work.

Tip: If you are feeling like getting a cold, then pretend to sneeze loudly till the time a real sneeze happens.

These are some of the most effective ways to stimulate sneezing. Share more in the comments section, if you have any. By the way, did you sneeze while reading this?

Sneeze Yourself

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