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Bamboo Vs Organic Cotton: Which is Superior and Environment Friendly

by Fashionlady

My dear fashionista, we all love soft, silken and stylish fabrics, don’t we? Apart from soft and comfort fabrics like silk, cotton and satin, have you heard of clothes made of bamboo and organic cotton? In the face of growing world problems, synthetic and plastic causing irreversible damage and threats to the environment, fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton are definitely a blessing! But, which of them is more environment friendly is the challenge!

Bamboo fabric as a designer’s delight

Fashion designers have made cutting-edge and sleek fabrics from Bamboo – Its soft, silken and butter-smooth texture has made it a favorite for experimentation. Bamboo fiber being soft and naturally round, it doesn’t leave any scope for skin rashes or irritation. Bamboo can be directly worn on the skin by even those people who are allergic to fibers like hemp and wool.

Bamboo fabric is wrinkle-free and stands up crisply in spite of numerous washing sessions. It is also reportedly said that bamboo fabric gets softer with each wash.

Bamboo clothing: Keeping the bacteria at bay

Another important feature of bamboo fabric is that it possesses anti-bacterial properties. The bamboo fiber has an anti-microbial agent called “Bamboo kun” which ensures that the fabric is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant. Bamboo reduces the bacteria which festers on the skin and clothing and brings down unpleasant odors.

Bamboo also has top-notch insulation properties and keeps the wearer warm in winters and cooler in summers!

Bamboo’s Vivid colors & Smooth texture

This fabric is a designer’s delight because of its brighter-than normal, vivid fabrics and adaptability to be woven or knot. This fabric can be draped smoothly and hence becomes a popular choice with designers who like to work with fabrics that can be molded easily. With t-shirts, dresses, night wear, frocks, jackets, cardigans and scarves being made from this wonder fabric, you have plenty of options to try!

Being environment friendly

From the environmentalist’s point of view, Bamboo is definitely Eco-friendly as it does not require pesticides and fertilizers to grow. Bamboo plantations can be kept organic and are replanted every year. To grow, the bamboo plantations don’t require much water and can also survive drought and flooding. Since bamboo forests are dense, they produce 40 % more oxygen than an average hardwood forest! It also improves the quality of soil and avoids soil erosion.

When it comes to biodegradability, Bamboo plants top the list as their decomposition process does not cause any pollution or harm to the soil!

The only catch is that bamboo fabrics are slightly expensive. Lesser the chemical it involves in the process of making fabric, the more expensive it becomes for the buyer!

Organic Cotton: Does it fare better?

Now doesn’t this fabric give serious competition to Organic cotton which has also gained popularity for its environment-friendly quotient. While organic cotton also shuns away from using pesticides and fertilizers, it certainly requires humongous amounts of water compared to traditional cotton farming.

Haven’t you seen the tag on your cotton t-shirts which says “100% organic cotton” or “Made with organic cotton”? Well 100% means even the threads are made with organic cotton, “made with organic cotton” does not mean fully organic. From the environmental point of view, Organic cotton helps is replenishing and maintaining soil fertility and encouraging biologically diverse agriculture.

Big brands promoting organic cotton

The fabrics made from organic cotton are softer and comfortable compared to traditional cotton. In 2007, popular fashion brand GAP introduced a new line of men’s shirts made from organic cotton. Also Levi’s eco range features numerous varieties of jeans and skirts made from organic cotton. Big brands like Victoria’s Secret, Espirit, Timberland and Levi Strauss have begun to offer quality organic cotton clothing.

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