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15 Bracelet Sets To Add Color To Your Everyday Collection

by Fashionlady
Bracelet Sets

Bracelet sets at the moment are designed to be worn daily. The new trend is all about subtlety and thin stacked up designs. When worn alone or piled together, the style can feel fresh. If you’re like us, you may likely have a stack of sparkly bracelets in your jewellery collection which are just waiting to be layered on. This is one of the many reasons we love this trend. And if you are looking to expand your line of options, there’s a whole breed of new bracelet pieces in studs, shells, jewels and ethereal symbols. Read on to discover them.

Best Bracelet Sets

Our Favorite Pick Of Everyday Bracelets:

Here are our top 15 picks of bracelet sets for women:

1. White and Gold Colored Stone Bracelet:

We are fans of this white and gold bracelet sets coming in a set of five. Remember the thicker the band, the more noticeable the beads are. We encourage you to choose wearing it with a thinner version of neckpiece as you match and layer.

Bracelet Sets for Women

Source: shopimpressions.com

2. Bohemian Bracelet with Studs, Stones, and Beads:

Amplify your glitz and glamour by going for boho bracelet sets as this one with studs, stones, and beads. Add this to your day look. It can help you accomplish the hippy look in a snap.

Boho Bracelet Sets

Source: waitzdesign.com

3. Multi-Colored Bracelet Set:

The options for pairing accessories with this one are pretty endless. Match this green, red, and gold bracelet piece with your favorite charm bracelet. Do not be afraid to stack them for creating a color-blocked effect.

Multi-Colored Bracelet Set

Source: beadsandbasics.com

4. Sterling Silver Bracelet Set:

Sterling silver bangles are a trendy girl’s must-have now. The accessory piece below is certainly eye-catching. You can wear them alone on one hand, or separate them for a delicate look.

Sterling Silver Bracelet Set

Source: newmuseumstore.org

5. Tassel and Coin Décor Beaded Bracelet Set:

This tassel and coin beaded bracelet set is just playful enough, and calls for a special occasion. You can choose to pair it with earrings in unique shapes to give the illusion of trendy. It’ll allow you to nail the trend beautifully. You may wear this with your sleeveless tops to add up the drama.

Tassel and Coin Décor Beaded Bracelet Set

Source: shein.in

6. Star Moon Bracelet:

We think these four piece set of star moon bracelet are pretty incredible any way you wear them. Adorning your hands with this ethereal symbol can allow you to remain subtle. They automatically become a decoration for your hands.

Star Moon Bracelet Set

Source: dhgate.com

7. Navy Blue Beaded Bracelet Set:

We could stare at this navy blue beaded bracelet sets all day long. Match them with your favorite pair of vacation ensemble.

Navy Blue Beaded Bracelet Set

Source: facebook.com/KendraScott

8. Delicate Gold Chain and Pearl Bracelet:

The three set of pearl bracelet and gold chain can make anyone stop and stare. You can shop this trend and wear them proudly. Trust us-with this piece, you’ll never look back even on warmer days.

10. Charm Bangle Set:

How incredibly stunning are this charm bangle set? All the more, it also gives you a reason to treasure it up. The different heart shaped designs can really help you commit to nostalgia.

Charm Bangle Set

Source: notonthehighstreet.com

11. Silver Bracelet Set:

A great addition to your arm party, don’t you think? This silver bracelet set can make for the perfect summer add-on.

Silver Bracelet Set

Source: atelier-amaya.com

12. Charm Bangle Bracelet:

Decorate your hands with tiny charms that remind you of all things nice. Even though it is delicate, you cannot miss the dainty look.

Charm Bangle Bracelet Set

Source: shopmyexchange.com

13. Shell and Starfish Detail Beaded Bracelet:

This shell and starfish studded bracelet is the type you would never wish to take off. In addition, it can easily jazz up your accessory game.

Shell and Starfish Detail Beaded Bracelet

Source: us.shein.com

14. Summer Bracelet Set:

This summer bangle set is small but really special. You can also pair this special piece with another sophisticated bracelet.

Summer Bracelet Set

Source: jane.com

15. Bracelet Set:

Wear this bracelet set of heart, pearl, and feathery bracelet with a summer dress to put it on full display. It also proves that an everyday bracelet don’t have to be predictable and boring.

Bracelet Set Designs

Source: aliexpress.com

These are the bracelet sets that are the perfect combination of chic and sporty. Shop your pick ASAP before it sells out.

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