Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets We Are Currently Obsessed With


Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

There is one chic way to commemorate your bond of love and make memorable moments of it too- vintage sterling silver charm bracelets.

Why Vintage Charm Bracelets In Sterling Silver?

The answer is simple, should you be someone who loves to collect charms, and not in other metallic shades but that of silver, the vintage charm bracelets would be the ideal collectible to wear and keep.

Vintage charm bracelet

Ever since the late 1970s, silver charms and bracelets have made a wave and stir in the world of fashion, across Hollywood for sure and now with Bollywood too. The abundant designs, shapes, sizes and myriad of styles they come in are a mind blowing lot.

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Charms for bracelets

What we particularly like are the ones that have vintage and very antique touches to them, since they have their own story to tell.

Charm bracelets for women

Should It Be Atleast 100 Years Old

The old-wives’ tales say a silver bracelet charm should be one that has withstood the test of time, and is of a century old at least. As a collector, you should know the difference between antique of 100 years and below, and the various styles they come in.

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Silver charm bracelets

Why Pick Vintage Charms

When shopping for silver bracelet vintage charms, you would find a dim and dozens of them to capture your fancy. However, only the vintage ones would be the ideal pieces that bring in a lot of good luck and fame, and they are newer to the antique ones that too. Some of them made in the late 1980s, and they still hold great weightage.

Silver charm bracelet

Charms over the years have been evolving and reproduced in various styles and designs. Catering to the demands of fashionistas over the new-age, vintage charm bracelets are hallmarked for quality and grade.

Antique silver heart charm bracelet

How To Choose Silver Vintage Charms?

When shopping for silver vintage charms, as a buyer you should check for 92.5 PERCENT pure silver categorization on each piece. This would assure you value for money and also that the piece is made from sterling silver as well. You could also opt for Mexican silver vintage charms too, they are quite luxe and chic to wear and flaunt as well.

Vintage charm bracelets

Trending Designs

1. Silver charms for bracelets for women are available in various shapes, sizes and designs, each with a meaning of its own. The trending designs for 2015-16 are as follows;
Hearts, a very common but most wanted design. You get them as normal hearts or with arrows piercing through and through. Some have flowers and other embellishments on them too. heart silver charm bracelets even have cherubs on them, symbolizing love and romance

Sports silver charm bracelet

4. Vacation and holiday silver bracelet charms for New Year, Christmas, Hanukah etc and with trees, wreaths, presents, flowers, Easter eggs, ghosts, goblins, bunnies and party poppers too are found pretty much.

Travel silver charm bracelet


5. Sights and sounds on silver bracelet charms. You maybe wondering what does this mean and how is it possible. The way the maker manifests sights and sounds on a silver bracelet charm is through the architectural wonders of the city it was made in. for example, landmark buildings.

Charm bracelets

6. There are silver bracelet charms made on religious motifs and texts, crosses and praying palms too.

Silver bracelet charms

Finally, if you do take a look around, you would find silver bracelet charms representing modern day life, television and sitcom personalities, famous celebrities and musicians, artists and writers, and the list can go on.

Silver bracelets

Now that we have told you everything about the silver bracelet charm, and how to check for the best charm bracelets for women, ensure to check for the ‘92.5 pure silver certification’, before buying one.

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