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Team FashionLady Is Collaborating With IIT Roorkee, And It’s Going To Be Fun!!

by Fashionlady
IIT Roorkee Thomso Event

IIT Roorkee Thomso Event

Hello lovelies! By now you all know how cool we are right? We have been collaborating with various events and have been getting a lot of exposure. Here’s the thing about them – they are the biggest events that happen in India and we have always been blessed to be a part of them. They are so much fun and we get so much to learn from these events.

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You guys may have gotten an idea as to what we are talking about from the title, but we would like to spell in out for y’all! We are going to collaborate with IIT – Roorkee and we will be a part of their annual cultural fest!! YES!! *does a happy dance*

Well! So much for the excitement, huh? Anyway, let us subside the excitement for a while so that we can give you the details about the event!

Here it is –

IIT Roorkee calls their annual cultural event Thomso. Word has it that Thomso is one the largest cultural events to be held in the entire of North India. As if that was not enough, it has been declared as the annual youth fest of Uttarakhand! Can you imagine how exciting it is to be a part of such a cool event? If you still don’t feel our excitement, let us inform you a tad bit about the statistics of the event. 12000 students come across from about 600 colleges to participate in the event! Now you get our excitement? You probably do!


Lets us excite you even further and let us tell you guys about what happens during the event! There will be Thahake – an event filled with comedy and stand up comedians, Vogue – where everything will be about Fashion and style, Wargasm – an event with music so powerful that you may or may not reach a climax! Xhileration – an event where words are not necessary for you to enjoy good music, Venture Unplugged – an entrepreneurial event with a panel open for discussion, Footloose – where you dance like there is no tomorrow, Campus Princess – another event where all the campus princess come to life! Mr. & Mrs. Thomso – does it even need an introduction? Battle of Bands – where everything will be fair in a game of musical war, Abhivyakti – because, who doesn’t appreciate good drama? Apoclypse – a gamers dream come true!

Well, we can go on and on about the events, but you guys get the drill right?

We just can’t wait to collaborate with IIT – Roorkee!!

Also, in case you guys wont be able to visit the event, you can keep up with us and check our pages for updates on winners!

Are you excited?!!

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