Best Makeup For Open Pores


Best Makeup For Open Pores

Huge pores on your face are an abomination. They look ugly and they are sure shot sign that your skin is showing signs of aging. Nobody really likes open pores and at one point or the other in their lives, women will face the problem of open pores. But everyone knows that open pores are hard to get rid of and without a proper skincare regime, you would not be able to shrink their sizes either. In any case, trying to reduce the size of your pores will take time and what if you have a party tonight? How will you hide those big holes!? Weill, this is where our article comes to your rescue. We have collated some of the best makeup for open pores. Read on to know tips and tricks in hiding these pores.

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Pore Filler Makeup

Pore Filler Makeup

Now this is something you wouldn’t have heard before. Pore Filler MAKEUP- you wonder out loud. Well, actually this is quite a life savior and if you are growing a little old and you feel your skin is giving away to the ravages of age (READ HUGE PORES) then you should definitely stock up on pore minimizer makeup. What these little tubes do is that they will create a film of cream above your skin and reduce the appearance as well as size of the pores.

Now there are different types of makeup available for minimizing your pores. We have picked up the best makeup for open pores which are not only easily available but can also suit everyone’s budgets!

Pore Minimizer Makeup

There are two major categories of makeup available to hide your pores. The first one is a pore concealer and the second one is a pore foundation. There are other products available too, but these two are specifically designed to take care of the large pores. Needless to say, if you are very keen on using makeup to reduce your pore size, we would suggest investing in concealers and foundations which are specially designed to concentrate on pores.

Pore Concealers

Pore concealers are either available in translucent or different shades to match your skin tone. They usually cover the cavities in your skin to make it look smooth and pore-free. But it is important to note that clogging up your pores with concealer is a good idea only for the time being, but when it comes to having a clear and blemish-free skin, make sure you remove the concealer at the end of the day.

Take a look at two of the best pore concealers available in the market now:

Larenim Invisi Pore Concealer:

This one comes in the form of a pot and loose minerals. They are available in two main shades-Light and medium to Dark. The pot comes with a concealer brush and you are supposed to dust that powder over your face for a pore-free and matte look.

Larenim Invisi Pore Concealer

This the first shade:

Larenim Pore Concealer

And the second one:

Pore Concealer


This one is a translucent cream and has to be applied on the skin with the help of a spatula type tool. The product can very easily hide the enlarged pores and can suit almost every kind of skin tone because of its translucent nature.


Pore Foundations

If you are not the concealer kinda girl, then pore minimizing foundations will be your best bet. These will cover the pores completely and we suggest that if you have really large pores, go for the liquid variety of foundations for a better coverage. Mineral foundations also work well and before fixing on one try both and see which one suits your skin the most.

Nars All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation:

The coverage it gives is medium, but the gold and green pigments in the foundation manipulates how the light falls onto the skin and makes the skin look very luminous indeed. A brighter and more even skin is the result of this foundation.

Nars All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation



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