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Best Out Of Waste From Bangles: DIY Craft Ideas

by Fashionlady
Best Out Of Waste From Bangles

Do you have a stack of old bangles in your house, just lying about in your jewellery box, and forgotten? Well, how about recycling them, instead of just allowing them to eat dust? Do you want to learn fun ideas on how to use waste bangles and turn them into something useful? Well, we’ve got you sorted with some cool ideas.

Best Out Of Waste From Bangles

This can also allow you not to waste your precious ideal time, help develop your creativity, and teach you about recycling. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

How to use waste bangles?

Here are some fun craft ideas you can try to reinvent your waste bangles.

1. DIY Home Décor Using Waste From Bangles:

Things you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Bangles
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Color papers
  • Quilling strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Decorative stones
  • Scissor
  • Lace
  • Glue gun


  1. For the start, you will need bangles and cardboard. Then you need to make some interesting pattern on the cardboard using bangles for preparing the décor item. For that, you will need a big cardboard paper and arrange the bangles. On each corner, arrange two bangles in a straight line and place one bangle on these two bangles. You can then make a pattern on all these four corners of the cardboard.
  1. Remove all the bangles from the cardboard and then take a stencil shaped as a bangle arrangement. For doing this, you can take a cardboard, stick the bangles, and cut the cardboard in the shape of the design. Place the stencil on the cardboard paper on the four corners and trace its design.
  1. Make use of a ruler and pencil to connect all the designs with each other. Begin with the two designs. Place the cardboard in a diamond shape. Then connect the upper and lower designs while drawing out two parallel lines.
  1. Once you connect the two parallel lines, erase the middle part of the line using an eraser. This can give you a square formation. Then make use of a cutter and cut the outline of the entire design. You will get a square shape in the center and bangle designs on the corner.
  1. For having a design on white paper, you’ll need a decorative sheet. Take a color sheet and trace the entire cardboard design making use of a pencil. Cut it using a cutter or scissors and stick to the original cardboard design using glue. Then apply glue onto the entire design and allow the color sheet to stick properly.
  1. Once the design is set with a gorgeous color sheet surface, you can arrange the bangles on the design. Place the bangles on the design similar to the arrangements made earlier. Then use glue to stick all the bangles according to the design on four sides of the cardboard.
  1. Once the design is ready, you can start decorating it. Take the decorative stones and place them one at a time on the bangle junction. Take two pink stones and stick them on the side junction of the bangles. Then take the blue stone and stick it on the bottom junction. Repeat the same using another blue stone and stick it inside the upper bangle.
Waste Bangles Crafts

Source: stylenrichdiy.com

  1. Besides all these stones, you will also need small stones to decorate. Take small circular stones and fill the inner portion of the bangles using these stones. This can allow making the bangles look gorgeous, filled with decorative and colorful stones.
  1. After the outer portion is ready, you can decorate the inner square of the design. For doing so, take few quilling strips and make tight coils. Then apply glue to stick the coils properly. After that, make use of a long plain sheet using a ruler and cutter and cut some long thin strips from the sheet.
  1. Make a pattern using the strips. Then, bend the strip three times and make small cuts or fringes on the folded strip using scissors. When you open the strip, you can get small fringes on it. Then take the small quilling coil and use glue. Stick it on the sheet strip. Roll the strip on the coil and at the end, apply glue to stick it well. Open the fringes of the strip using your fingers gently.
  1. After the fringes are unfolded fully, the beautiful quilling coil becomes visible. This is shaped like a flower. Use such more flowers making use of several colored strips and quilling strips.
  1. Collect all the different colored flowers and stick it on the inner square of the design. Create a random design making use of colorful flowers and stick it with design well. Then stick a satin ribbon at the back for hanging the design. Fill the entire design using flowers. Your design is now ready!
How To Use Waste Bangles

Source: stylenrichdiy.com

For more of waste bangles crafts watch this video tutorial below:

2. DIY Wall Hanging Using Waste From Bangles:

Things you need:

  • Old Bangles
  • 3 Different color craft stocking
  • Small and medium size round mirror
  • Small size round flat pearl
  • Clear stones
  • Silver paper
  • Strong glue
  • Silver lace


  1. Put one bangle each inside the stocking. Wrap it from the corners and tighten it in a knot. Make use of scissors to cut off the excess cloth. Use a staple to pin the cloth in place.
  1. Apply strong adhesive glue over the corners of the round red bangle circle. Stick the small and medium sized round mirror around it.
  1. Take the small sized round flat pearl and glue it in the center. Leave it to dry for few minutes. Repeat the steps and make 16 of these round red bangle circles.
  1. You can also make use of different colored stockings and apply different types of stones to bring out variety. Design 8 more of these round bangle circles in a different color.
  1. For making the center of the wall hanging, make another round circle preferably using different colored stones.
  1. Now take the first batch of round bangle circles and glue the back of each. Then stick the lace to it. Apply glue on top of the lace to connect the remaining bangle circles. Repeat the steps as you go.
  1. After you connect all the bangle circles, glue decorative pieces on the sides for added attraction. You can skip this step if you want. And you wall hanging is ready!
Bangle Craft Ideas

Source: artncraftideas.com

To learn more about bangle craft ideas watch the video tutorial below:

3. DIY Pen Stand Using Old Bangles

Things you need:

  • Glass bangles of same size
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Colors
  • Brush


  1. Take all bangles of same size and stick them using glue, four inches to one another.
  1. Take a small piece of cardboard and cut it using scissors according to the size of bangle in any shape.
  1. You can cut it in square or circular shape.
  1. Color the cardboard in any colors.
  1. Then stick all the bangles to the cardboard using glue.
  1. Your pen holder is now ready to use.
DIY Pen Stand Using Old Bangles

Source: youtube.com

  1. First cut the cardboard in the size of a bangle. Make two or three cut boards.
  1. Apply glue to all the bangles and stack them one after the other.
  1. Set them to dry.
  1. Now place the cardboard using glue in the homemade cotton paper. And cut in a round shape.
  1. Make fringe cut around the cotton paper and apply glue over it.
  1. Then fold the edges.
  1. Apply clue over the back of the cardboard. Then paste the craft paper over it.
  1. Lift the craft paper on top and insert the ribbon under it. Press hard to stick.
  1. Now take the stacked bangles. Apply glue on one side and place it above the cardboard.

For more about waste bangles reuse, watch the video tutorial below:

5. DIY Broken Bangle Crafts:

Things you need:

  • Broken bangles
  • Cardboard (6*6 cm and 5.5 cm)
  • Fabric glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the cardboard in 6*6 cm.
  1. Apply glue over the broken bangles and paste them over the sides of the cardboard.
  1. Repeat the steps using studded pearls and broken bangles until you form a proper frame structure.
  1. Apply glue on the back of the cardboard. Now paste the 5.5 cm cardboard over it.
  1. Your photo frame is ready.

Watch this video tutorial for more:

6. DIY Bangle Diya

Things you need:

  • Tea light candles
  • Plain glass thick bangles
  • Superglue
  • Cardboard


  1. Start by collecting tea light candles, plain glass thick bangles, superglue, and cardboard.
  1. Mark an outline of the bangles on the cardboard and cut it in equal size of the bangle.
  1. Paste the cardboard on the bangle by applying super glue on the edges of the cardboard.
  1. Allow it to dry.
  1. Then apply glue on the bangle and paste bangles on top of each other until you get your preferred shape of the diya.
  1. Fix the tea light candle inside on the cardboard and your beautiful diya is ready.
DIY Bangle Diya

Source: artsycraftsymom.com

7. DIY Lamp Using Old Bangles:

Things you need:

  • Broken bangles
  • Bulb
  • Old bottle or decoration piece


  1. Paste the broken glass over your selected decoration piece.
  1. Put a small bulb inside the decorated arrangement.
Broken Bangle Crafts

Source: pinterest.fr/ritiroy79/

That brings us to the end of this craft tutorial using waste bangles. Hope you liked our creative effort to make best out of waste from bangles. If you have some more craft ideas do share it with us in the comments box below.

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