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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

by Fashionlady
Best Ways to Get Rid of Armpit Fat

Ways to Get Rid of Armpit Fat

Do you feel uncomfortable with the unwanted fat under your arms? Unable to wear your favourite blouse, choli or a sleeveless top? At FashionLady, we help you dress up right and stay fit, hence fret not! Here are the necessary tips and tricks you will need to deal with armpit fat:

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Armpit Fat Causes

The factors that cause armpit fat are way too many. It could be due to genetics, lack of exercise or unhealthy eating habits. It could also be due to big breasts. If the breasts are naturally huge, then the content of fat around the chest would be high. It is important to check with your doctor for hormonal changes or obesity issues. It could cause armpit fat too.

If the cup of the bra that you wear is too tight, chances are the breast tissue would move to the underarm region. Check how to choose the right bra for your breast and body shape here.

Armpit Fat Causes

How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

Exercising is the best way to reduce armpit fat. Apart from that, reducing stress and alcohol intake, sleeping well, avoiding unnecessary medication and checking the hormonal balance of the body will help reduce armpit fat.

Most fitness experts and trainers would ask you to work with weights, dumbbells especially to reduce armpit fat; there are exercises that you could do without dumbbells too. There are exercises that would increase your metabolism and lose the armpit fat simultaneously. They also help in increasing body mass and core strength as well, and bring down the risk of diabetes, dementia, breast cancer and strokes.

Lateral Plank Walk

The Lateral Plank Walk is a move which defines the deltoid bones. For the Lateral Plank Walk exercise, one should start in the full plank position and step to one side. While doing so, the foot and the arm would follow the move. When you reach half way, the direction should be changed. Stop, deep breathe and repeat in the reverse direction.

How to Lose Armfit Fat

Push-Up Rotation

The Push-Up Rotation exercise helps define the deltoid and the scapula areas and rids the arms of the fat. For this exercise, one needs to start in the classic push up pose. Your hand placement would be wider than that of the width of your shoulder. Contract the glutes and draw in the navel area and lower the body towards the floor with the back being straight. Now get back to the start position slowly and rotate 90 degrees from the surface of the floor. This time, the arms should be fully extended- keeping one in the air and the other for support on the floor. Reverse and repeat.

Ways to Lose Armfit Fat


This is the best toning workout for reducing armpit fat. Place your arms at the level of your chest and move three inches upward towards the ceiling, with your back facing the ceiling. Take a deep breath and come down slow. Repeat eight times and increase the speed as you do each round.

How to Reduce Armpit Fat at Home

Pulling Weights

To pull weights, you would need apt dumbbells. Start by lying flat on the floor and lifting your leg to form a V curve at the knees. Now raise the dumbbells upwards till they are at a 90 degrees angle to the chest. Repeat ten times.

Best Ways to Reduce Armpit Fat


Not only the armpit fat is reduced but the whole body gets toned since swimming is a high density workout. It is one of the best ways to lose weight too. Your underarms are toned when you do crawls, backstrokes and breaststrokes, because the arms are propelled to go through the water. The triceps are toned you lose the armpit fat. Once the swimming is done, ask your trainer to help you with under water arm based exercises to cool off.

Serratus Push-Ups

The Serratus Push-Ups isn’t quite different from the classic push up as such, but would work miracles to reduce armpit fat. It focuses on the small serratus anterior muscle. To do the Serratus Push-Ups, one has to start with the standard push up pose. The abs should be drawn inwards and the elbows should be bent low towards the chest. When you rise with the back upwards towards the ceiling, the upper back should be pushed upwards and the shoulder blades should broaden up. Hold to two counts. Come back to the normal position of the standard push up and repeat five times.

Classic Pilates Push-ups

To do the Classic Pilates Push-ups, you would need to sit up. It isn’t easy in the beginning so only five reps would be okay to do. Begin by standing in the pilates position, which would have your toes two feet away from the wall. Now place your hands on the floor. Your abs need to be scooped up and the buttocks clenched, along with the inner thighs. Keep the elbows very close to the body.


Roll the shoulder points, the scapula and the blades downwards. Come back to your normal position and relax. Repeat five times. Inhale as you go into the floor and exhale on reverse.

Armpit Fat Removal

One Arm Triceps

Start by having a dumbbell in one hand, and your feet should be one shoulder wide from one another. Extend your arm fully with the dumbbell in hand, and take it over your head. Now keep the upper arm close to the head, with your elbows peeking inwards and perpendicular to the surface of the ground. Go ahead and lower the resistance in a semicircular pose behind the head and while doing that the forearm should touch the bicep zone. Breathe deep while doing this. Relax and move the hand upwards and come back to normal position. Repeat steps by switching arms.

Armpit Fat Exercises

Arm Rotation and Twisting

You would have to use the radius and the ulna pose mostly. Start by being seated on a yoga mat and sitting upright in the ninety degree angled pose. Twist first to the left with your both arms going that way, take a deep breath and count to five. Repeat to the next side the same way. Do ten reps of each since it doesn’t take away your breath.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

Foods To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat – Diet Tips

Our diet can influence our body. You need to do the right cardio and strengthening exercises, but diets play an important role too. One needs to check with their doctor and nutritionist to know the best foods to eat to lose armpit fat fast. Here are a couple of things to follow in your diet that helps lose armpit fat:

  • A lot of veggies should be included in your daily meal, preferably steamed or stir fried
  • You would need plenty of proteins in your diet
  • Healthy fats are a must for the body too
  • Check on wholesome grains
  • No skim milks to be consumed
  • Low carb foods are a must to have
  • No refined sugars and salts
  • No starches for a week at least
  • Plenty of hydration
  • Plenty of fruits

Foods to Get Rid of Armpit Fat

We do hope these inputs on how to get rid of armpit fat comes in handy. Remember, summers are here and wearing full-sleeved tops to hide your armpit fat is not done. So get going and work on your arms. Do write in with your thoughts, comments and suggestions. We are eager to hear from you!

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