Beyonce Hairstyles Fashion Statement


Beyonce experiments with her looks and can change hairstyles faster than you would blink your eyes. We love her changing hairstyles which match the many moods, avatars and appearances of this Style Icon. From bushy corkscrews to poker straight hair, she has flaunted it all and done complete justice to many of her hairdos.

Beyonce hairstyle waves curly

1. Known for wearing huge voluminous hairdos with loads of curls and bounce, this hairdo came as a fresh breather. Cut in layers, the hair cascades elegantly and beautifully towards her shoulder. The front fringe looks cut a little abruptly and might be the only flaw in this otherwise lovely hairdo.

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2. These gorgeous waves suits Beyonce beautifully and offer a bright look to her face. The lovely mixture of blond and brunette hair color enhances her beautiful features and complexion.

Beyonce straight ponytail hairstyle

3. These silky, straight brown hair glitters like gold at the screening of her movie Obsessed, 2009. We love this hairdo which looks sleek and exudes sophistication.


4. We find this hairdo pretty and pleasant as it gives a clean, enhanced cut to her face. The low, curly ponytail devoid of hair accessories works perfectly well. She sported this hairdo on the occasion of 81 st Annual Academy Awards in 2009.

Beyonce sleek snazzy hairstyle

5. This pop diva never ceases to surprise us – She can flaunt massive, curly hairdos with equal ease as she does sophisticated ones. This sleek, up heaved hairdo gives her an air of grace and poise.

6. Here Beyonce hairstyle sports a zillion braids which have a snazzy look and feel. This look from 2012 features her sporting blonde box braids turned into a humongous bun on top of her head. We love the way Beyonce has cradled her daughter Blue Ivy in the most adorable and sweetest way ever!

Beyonce voluminous classic hairstyle

7. She rocks at sporting these voluminous hairdos – Beyonce hairstyles’ of a blonde and beautiful hairdo looks fabulous with a hint of roots showing up.

8. Here she reminds us of beauties from the bygone era with her classic up-do in 2008 at Kennedy Center Honors.

Beyonce chic ponytail hairstyle

9. She looks extremely Parisian and chic with the lovely cream beret. Proud of her French heritage, she looks lovely in this classy hairdo which is a combination of caramel and honey highlights.

10. This cute, sleek ponytail gives a fresh and girlie look to Beyonce. Moving away from the hair extensions, glitter, hair extensions and accessories, this ponytail looks simple, adorable and easy to handle.

Whew! She has sported so many hairdos, extensions, accessories and styles that makes us marvel and admire this gorgeous woman. Whether it be her hypnotizing dance moves or scintillating public appearances, we can’t get enough of this ultimate diva! Lets see what she has in store for us in 2014.

Which hairstyle did you like the best?


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