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Bloating Remedies Explained: 7 Incredible Foods That Help Combat Bloating

by Fashionlady
Bloating Remedies

Bloating Remedies

Have you ever wondered why mom would add pieces of ginger to the food she cooked or the salads she made? The answer is simple, because she knew that ginger was one of the anti bloating remedies which wouldn’t puff your stomach up after a hearty meal. This is why, we would like you to learn more about the best seven incredible anti bloating remedies and foods that could help you through and through. Enjoy your meal by all means, but remember these anti bloating remedies and foods too.

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Good And The Worst Foods For Bloating

Why does bloating happen? Let’s discuss that first before you get into the good and the worst foods for bloating.

1. Weight loss done instantly and through crash diets can lead to severe cases of bloating. Sometimes even without dieting you may tend to lose weight, or even without hitting the gym too. This would be reason enough for concerns, especially if your BMI goes for a toss. Medical experts opine bloating and weight loss are cause of concern, which could be signs of cancers and tumors in the intestine

Weight loss

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2. When there is an abnormal build up of fluids in the abdomen, also known as Ascites, this can lead to weight gain and bloating on a rapid scale. Let the alarm bells ring on this one, because it could be that there is a disease attacking your liver.

Worst Foods For Bloating

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3. Abdominal pains and aches with bloating are a cause for concern, especially if you puke or feel nauseous too. You could have bowel movement issues to deal with as well, which in most cases would need medical help. When there are obstructions in the gut, the fecal matter wouldn’t be able to flow normally out, which leads to excess build up causing pains.

Foods That Reduce Bloat

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4. Did you find blood drops in your stool or do you have vaginal bleeding, even when no menses cycle is on? You could be suffering from endometrial issues, fibroids or hemorrhoids too. Get in touch with your doctor and check for the reasons, it could be a sign of cancer (colon issues).

Foods To Stop Bloating

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5. Fever with bloating happens when inflammation or infection of the stomach sets in. Even if there is an elevated WBC or white blood cell count in the body, bloating and fever can come by.

How To Beat Bloating

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Now that we have told you a few reasons as to why bloating happens, let’s take a look at the natural cures and the foods that reduce bloating.

1. Oregano seasoning is one of the best condiments of table spices that can help add zing to the food you eat, and is salt free. Anything salt based would be bad for the bloated tummy, and especially when found in processed foods. Water retention is a must, but salt somewhat helps clear the water or sometimes retain more of it, which makes the sluggish bloat come through!

Oregano Bloating Tips

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2. Another of the best foods to stop bloating would be whole grain breads for breakfast, and not pastas or pizzas or burgers. Pack it in with lean meats such as chicken or turkey for a sandwich to make and combat bloating.

Raisins for reduce bloat

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4. Dried herbs as garnishing on your salads, such as thyme, rosemary and mint or sage and lemon grass too would be awesome to consume. They have plenty of minerals in them and help combat bloating issues as well.

Dried herbs

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5. Roasted or raw sunflower seeds can help you combat bloating issues, and can be had as a snacking option when hunger pangs strike. In addition to that, sunflower seeds can help bring into the body a lot of fiber- perfect to help with digestion and easy bowel movements, which if interrupted can cause bloating.

Sunflower seeds

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6. So you want to have something sweet? Well okay, let’s get a belly diet smoothie then, which is sweet enough for the taste buds to enjoy and which wouldn’t cause bloating too. Bring into the body plenty of MUFA monounsaturated fatty acids to the body which targets belly fats. Smoothies made from berries are the best. Refer to our winter smoothie post!


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7. Sassy lemon water sans sugar or salt, but with a tablespoon of honey can be a good concoction to bring down bloating. A glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach each day works wonders.

Lemon water

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We have told you the causes and How to Beat Bloating, so please follow the same but only after talking to your family doctor if there is pain associated with the condition. If you have anti Bloating Tips of your own to share, do write in!

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