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Nail Care Tips and Tricks
Nail Care – A most important beauty ritual, followed by women weekly, sometimes even daily. Starting from grooming nails with a well-done manicure, to having a clean nail polish or a nail art to match the days’ outfit is the trend today!

Although salons provide the best-in-class manicures, these can burn your pockets if you choose to get them done on regular basis. So, the best is to learn manicure tips available on FashionLady and pamper your hands and nails yourself. Pedicures are also the same. These can be done at home with the pedicure set available at the stores. Buying a set, can definitely is much more cost effective than getting a manicure and pedicure done at the salon.

There are natural nail care tips available on FashionLady in the form of posts as well as video’s that you can refer from.

Did you Know: It’s extremely important to apply the nailpolish in a particular way to get a salon like look? Nail polish tips on this Indian Fashion Blog, will put a smile on your face when you look and try them out yourself. Compliments are sure to start pouring in.

Nail Art designs for beginners are very simple and easy. These give more definition to your manicured hands. The nail art gallery on FashionLady is a true inspiration to all. Once the basics are learnt, doing intricate designs and gradient stamping will be a cake walk. Who know using nail polish, designs can be experimented and flaunted like a pro!

Spa parties for young women are the latest fad. For teens and little ones, nail spa therapies make them feel like grown-ups too.

There is no end to Nail Care, nail polishes, manicures and nail art ideas. Visit FashionLady today!

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