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How to Fix a Broken Nail: DIY with 4 Easy Steps

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How to Fix a Broken Nail

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Imagine you’re all set for your D day with a tailor-fit designer trousseau, a 6-month beauty treatment prior to wedding with glowing skin, shining hair, statement jewelries and gorgeous pair of wedding shoes and not to mention you’ve hired the best makeup artist in the city to transform you into the most beautiful bride in the city.

You then all of a sudden experience a traumatic event just 2 days before your wedding, i.e. you accidentally break your nail at the outside corner of your ring finger.

Tearing off your nail would have happened several times with you and you have never ever been in such as a panic state as you’re now. The sudden tearing off your nail just ruins your nail art and manicure plans. I can understand how frustrating the situation would be. In most of the cases, we just let it go and compromise with the chapped nail since we do not know how to fix a broken nail.

While some girls decide to chop off the rest of the nails, others decide to go with the uneven length. All this is because they are confused about how to fix a broken nail. This case is more likely with the Indian homemakers, who indulge in all sorts of household chores like sewing, chopping vegetables, washing clothes and so on. Those who have weak nails, a little pressure on their hands lead to breakage of nails.

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Before we move forward to give you some easy and effective tips on quickly fixing your broken nail, let’s just have a look at the cause of such frequent splits and tears.

Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

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Why do nails break?

A brittle or chipped nail (onychorrhexis) is a common ailment seen among 20% of the total population and mostly commonly faced by women. The peeling or splitting of nails can be due to several reasons. While aging is the most major reason, there are other underlying conditions as well, which lead to brittleness and eventually breakage of nails. Nails that are frequently exposed to detergent, soap and alkaline and chlorine based water break frequently. Even malnutrition and hypothyroidism also leads to this ailment. So, now you know the reasons for broken nails and continue reading to learn how to fix a broken nail.


As per the American Academy of Dermatology,

Nails often reflect our general state of health. Changes in the nail, such as discoloration or thickening, can signal health problems, including liver and kidney diseases, heart and lung conditions, anemia and diabetes.

Abreast this tear-jerker, a chipped nail is a serious nightmare for the bride-to-be. Luckily, there is an easy and quick DIY to help you save from this beauty disaster, especially when you’ve torn off your ring finger’s nail. Even though it’s a temporary fix, it can save you on your D day from getting unwanted notice.

Go through the tips below to deal with the broken nail emergency. Read on!

Things required:

  • Tea bag wraps
  • Scissor
  • Transparent nail paint

Now lets look at how to fix a broken nail.

Step 1. Cut a piece from the unused tea bag

For the first step on how to fix a broken nail, take a small piece from the tea bag wrap, sufficient long enough to cover the torn part. The best is to use an unused tea bag. Just empty the sachet and save the tea powder which you can use it later for brewing of your tea.

Repair Broken Nail

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Step 2. Apply transparent nail paint

Now to repair broken nail, apply a 2-3 coat layer of the transparent nail paint over the broken nail. Make sure you have not removed the torn part.

Step 4. Apply another coat over the patch

Now apply another coat on the patch. Allow it to dry and then apply a third coat followed by your nail polish which is beautifying the rest of the nails.

You can also fix a broken toenail with this method.

Fastest Way to Repair a Torn Nail

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Since this 4-step fixing is a temporary one, so be extremely careful in using the repaired finger. Since you’re going to be queen for the day, you don’t have to indulge in any physical work except for your personal grooming! So there, you have now learnt how to repair broken nail.

How to Fix a Broken or Torn Nail

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Hope you found this post on how to fix a broken nail useful! Do let us know if this helped you in any way and share this post with your friends as well!

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