Redefining Beauty: Meet Lizzie, once labelled “World’s Ugliest Woman”

Does looking beautiful define you? In a world of botox, facelifts and quick tummy tucks, has beauty become only a matter of toned abs and wrinkle free faces? Is beauty measured by the number of...
Sanchita Ajjampur

Sanchita Ajjampur Joins Hands with Yves Saint Laurent

Sanchita Ajjampur and Her Haute French Connection. Banglore based fashion designer, Sanchita Ajjampur, has been quite busy these days; juggling multiple assignments, shuttling between India and Paris. Undoubtedly Sanchita is a great designer and has already...

7 Most Powerful Women CEOs with A Knack Of Fashion

The below listed 7 power-packed female personalities are just CEOs, but they all also have a strong connection to fashion. Whether they are involved in designing, buying or investing in it, each of these...

Nina Davuluri: The New Miss America Has Stunned The World

Nina Davuluri, the first Indian-American has won the Miss America beauty pageant 2014! This dusky 24 year old beauty is a graduate from University of Michigan with a degree in Brain behavior and Cognitive...
marissa mayer fashion

Some Interesting Facts About Marissa Mayer You Didn’t Know

By now I've posted two blogs, discussing nitty-gritty on Marissa Mayer's fashion. In this edition, I have tried to compile some top picks about Marissa, which many people are not aware of. Here are some...
Most Expensive Tattoo

World’s Most Expensive Tattoo

Did you ever think like bags and wedding dresses, there can also be the world's most expensive tattoo? South African Shimansky brand model “Minki van der Westhuizen” is wearing the world’s most expensive tattoo. The...

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