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Redefining Beauty: Meet Lizzie, once labelled “World’s Ugliest Woman”

by Fashionlady

Lizzie Velasquez

Does looking beautiful define you?

In a world of botox, facelifts and quick tummy tucks, has beauty become only a matter of toned abs and wrinkle free faces? Is beauty measured by the number of likes your latest trendy picture receives on Facebook or the envy your brand new outfit creates? Though there is no way to measure beauty, then how do we define who is beautiful?

What does the world think about beauty?

A world ruled by celebrities going under the knife and being plastic icons of beauty, the world is witnessing a crazy , over-rated emphasis on beauty. In the Indian context, fairness creams sell like hotcakes as being fair is the ultimate measure of beauty whereas the South Koreans are know to have the highest number of plastic surgeries. Whereas the haute cauture ramp and Hollywood propagates stick figures and unhealthy levels of thinness bordering on annorexia as glamor and beauty.

Meet Lizzie Velásquez – Redefining beauty & individuality

Perhaps knowing Lizzie would answer these questions – Lizzie Velásquez, a bright, spunky 25 year old, was once labeled the “World’s Ugliest Woman” on a Youtube video made by students from her high school. She suffers from a rare syndrome which kept her at an alarmingly skinny 64 pounds and caused blindness in the right eye.

The humorous Lizzy chirps happily – ” I can eat all that I want and never gain weight!”

Most of us would kill for such a body type, but her condition comes with accelerated aging, alarming fat loss from body and face and blindness in an eye . But, she is not complaining and quips that she can be the perfect ambassador for a gym or be a “poster child”!

Bullied at school and practically an outcast, she received unconditional love and support from her parents who asked her to be herself . She says “Never let your outer appearance define what you are”.

What Made Lizzie’s life turn around?

When a mute YouTube video featuring her labeled as being the ugliest woman in the world was made, she was devastated. But, at that point, something turned around and she decided not to let her outer appearance run her life and dominate her personality.

She decided to find out who she was by working her way up to success – She has finished graduation from Texas State University and majored in communication studies. Author of two books called “Be Beautiful, Be You” and an autobiography, she emphasized that appearances don’t count and being oneself does.

Watch the video below where Lizzie spoke to an audience about being yourself, outer appearances and optimism:

In A Nutshell

She turned the hatred and negativity into her passion to succeed at life and discover herself. And what she found was that – She was beyond the trap of physical appearances, carved a successful path got herself, became a motivational speaker and helped people with her humor & bright energy.

I raise this pertinent question to all my dear readers – Is beauty only about looking picture perfect with make-up and trendy clothes on? Do we let ourselves define by what we are or how we look?

Hoping to hear from you and know your perspective – Please write your thoughts & Opinions.

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