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Colours To Wear and Flaunt On Dark Dusky Skin

by Fashionlady
Best Colors To Wear For Your Skin Tone

Best Colours For Dark Skin

Quite often than not, most of us dark and dusky women really have it against us when it comes to dressing in colour or wearing them too. From clothes to makeup, we really don’t have too much of a choice, apart from pastels and nude tones- WRONG!

Allow us to take you on a journey, where we celebrate beauty in all shades. Fashion is about fun and making a mark, not about being humiliated because of a certain skin tone, Pfft!

We give you fashion tips for dark skin

Best Ways for Dusky Brides

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What Colours to Wear for Dark Skin?

Complexion and the colours to wear are very important topics to discuss. And it seems pretty monumental that we should do so, even a little talk on the right makeup colours to choose as well. Give it a little more thought, and spend time to pick the right colours suitable for dark skin to doll up in- clothes and makeup together.

What colours to wear for dark skin

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From Bipasha Basu to Priyanka Chopra, Halle Berry to Loni Love and more, these beautiful gorgeous and very dusky to dark skinned ladies have proved to the world that colours are indeed a friend of theirs!

Top Colors To Wear For Your Skin Tone

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I have a dark skin tone. Should I wear dark coloured clothing?”

Why not? Just because you have a dusky to dark skin tone, it doesn’t mean you cannot wear shades of black or grey, navy blues or deep bottle greens! You could also try deep rich reds, emerald greens or royal purples and blues too.


Choosing the best color of clothes for dark skin

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Makeup for Dark Complexion Skin

With dusky skin tone being mostly from India, dark spots and blemishes are rarely seen on such skin, wrinkles as well. With natural two-toned skin features, the centre of our face is much lighter than the rest of the facial zone. This is why, using two shades of foundation can help flatten the face (should you be chubby), or else just one shade would do.

Makeup for dark complexion skin

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Blushes for Dark Skin

Bright and pretty nice, dusky to dark skinned tones can take the bright blush of pink in its stride like no other tone can. There are many reputed companies out there manufacturing rosy-pinks for the blush effect, and they go down very well with dusky to dark skinned women.

Blushes for dark skin

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Blush certainly is a must, and ignoring the rule of the thumb here would make the look overall incomplete. Remember the rule bright blush for dark skin, period!

Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin

Ever wondered why our dusky sirens look so hot with a pout? The answer is simple, they love to experiment with colours, and they embrace various shades and hues too. The deeper-hued you are, the better would be the glow of the colour on your cheeks, lips and the skin. The same goes with clothing too. So whoever told you being dusky to dark, and you couldn’t doll up, needs to take a check on their sense of styling and makeup!

Lipstick for Dark

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Final Word

Be proud of your skin tone, be proud of the beauty you’ve been blessed with and if ebony can meet ivory, you too can wear that orange dress like our dusky stars do. Mix and match if you want, and the right shades would blend into your personality and skin as well! Don’t be afraid to be a little experimentative, because Black Beauties are in demand, and a bite of chocolate is every man’s desire too!

saree colours for dusky skin

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Signing out with love and until we meet again! Stay lovely and stay gorgeous! Hope this article on colors for dusky skin is helpful.

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