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Commandments For Hair Care Routine – The Do’s And Don’ts

by Fashionlady
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Shiny, long and lustrous hair, sigh! Don’t we just dream of having them all? Now here is your chance; read up on these commandments for the hair care routine and apply them. These are pointers with the do’s and don’ts of hair care routine, which would help you have the dream hair you have always wished for. Take a look!

Daily Hair Care

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The Do’s

1. Eat healthy foods that have plenty of fatty acids in them, it will reflect in your hair.

2. Do cover your head when out in the sun, little do we know how harmful the UV rays of the sun can be to our hair when exposed for very long hours.

3. Shampoo with formulas that have UVA and UVB in them, which helps the color stay strong on our hair and also doesn’t allow the fading from the UV rays to happen.

4. A clarified shampoo is a must-have, especially if you have a job that makes you stay outdoors too long. Clarifying shampoos also eradicate build-ups that come from other hair products.

Daily Hair Care Shampoo

5. Buy hair products according to the type of hair you have. For example, moisturizing formulas for dry hair, oil regulators for oily hair, etc. Apart from the hair care routine one needs to also invest in the right hair products or else all your efforts are zilch.

6. Brush your hair twice a day – once as soon as you wake up and once before you sleep at night. This helps improve circulation in the scalp and the hair health stays in the pink; a very important daily hair care routine to follow.

7. Always use a wide toothed comb made from wood to de-tangle wet hair. Start from the ends and then move upwards to the root, and clean the comb regularly.


The Don’ts

1. Never ever ignore damaged or dry hair or split ends; get them snipped every eight weeks so that your hair starts growing in length. Half an inch to cut off would be best, which gives the tresses a very healthy appearance too.

2. Don’t over condition the hair, which would lead to stripping of the natural hair oils and the sebum on the scalp. A good amount of oil on the hair and the scalp produced naturally is a must-have, or else the pH balance and the mobility of hair runs for a toss.


3. Never ever use a comb on wet hair; don’t back brush your wet hair or side brush it. Hair is at its weakest when it is wet, so don’t be harsh on the hair by trying to comb it. Don’t bun it and don’t ponytail your hair when it is wet too. Let it hang loose until it dries or else you would risk losing more hair.


4. Heating tongs and flat irons should be used minimally and sparsely. Don’t be a slave to them. What you need to understand here is that while you get desired styles for your hair with such tools, the moisture is robbed in the process. Once a way it is okay to use the tools, but not every time.

Sleep For Hair Grouth

Do let us know if you have more daily hair care tips and tips for healthy hair to share with us. We have also in our previous posts written about hair growth tips¸ which we encourage you to check and apply.

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