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Emoji Nail Art For Phone Addicts

by Fashionlady
Emoji Nail Art Designs


Emoji Nail Art

Have you and your smartphone been referred to as conjoined twins more than once? Do you love using your phone 24*7? Do you spend more time with your smartphone over friends or family? If any of the above questions imply true for you, then congratulations you are the ultimate smartphone freak.

Research states that texting is one of the top activities related to smartphone usage in the present century. And if you love texting then probably you love emojis and how much fun they are to use while you send text messages. For others who don’t really associate with texting as much, in layman language, emojis are a tiny pictorial representation of your current emotion. Emojis are also alternatively called emoticons (emotion depicting icons).

Emoji Fashion

The Latest Obsession – Nail Emoji

The growing popularity of these Emojis are spreading out at all sorts of places now, including emoji home décor, emoji wall paints and emoji nail designs. Though the idea might seem a little out of place for some, nail emoji is currently a very popular trend among texting youngsters. Social media crazy youngsters and teenagers are all into the idea of taking emojis off their smartphone screens and bringing them to life in everyday items like t-shirts, shoes, bags, notebooks and even nails.

Nail Emoji

Double Fold Popularity

One of the main reasons behind why nail emojis, are growing so rapidly in popularity is because of the cuteness overload associated with displaying emotions of the finger nails itself. Clubbing the very popular nail art trend with emojis has just opened up a new craze den for youngsters over the world. Emoji nail polish is most popular with the college crowds since these college gals are always on the lookout for the next most popular funky trend.

Double Fold Popularity

Tips And Tricks On Nail Painting Emoji

Given the popularity, a number of nail art studios are now offering nail polish emoji schemes. If that seems like much of a pocket pinch you could always choose to do up your emoji nail art at home with a few friends. There are a number of tutorials you can find splattered over the internet and nail emoji painting can be quite a good theme for an all-girls slumber party.

Nail Painting Emoji

You can further choose to either do it on one nail or all 20 (including the fingers and toes of course). Just remember to not repeat or overdo the adjacent nail designs. If you feel confident enough, you can draw up with the help of nail paint, or even try simple marker pens to outline the design. But, remember not to get too ambitious; start with simple smileys and your limit is the universe. Who knows, maybe you could end up creating your own style of emojis.

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Gathering The Supplies

You will need a few things before you start off with your nail emoji painting endeavor. The supplies you should keep in handy are given as following:

1. A Few Shades Of Nail Paint

There are a few basic shades of nail paint that you would want to keep handy to avoid the hassle of taking out a new color every time mother creativity strikes you.

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue

2. Some Nail Art Tools For Painting Nails Emoji

Using nail art tools might be a great idea when it comes to precise designs so you could try using a few of the tools stated below for better finesse. But, use tools only when you have tried your hand at nail art a few time before.

  • Nail art brushes and
  • Dotting pen

Using tools might make it much easier and help eliminate mistakes but if drawing is not your forte, you can always choose to get decals and nail tattoos online, which will help getting the more intricate emojis correct.


4. Blue background

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Blue background Emoji Nail Art.

5. Variety on each nail


6. Neon colors

Neon colors Emoji Nail Art

7. Disney themed

Disney themed Emoji Nail Art

8. Pokemon themed

Pokemon themed Emoji Nail Art.

9. Cat emoji

Cat Emoji

10. Social media

Social media

Emojis are always cute and also super fun, so painting them on your nails is an excellent idea. We feel the society needs some fun so go ahead and paint those nails gorgeous.

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