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Easy Workouts At Home That Are Calorie-Busters

by Fashionlady
Best Workout For Women


Having flat tummy is the biggest challenge urban women have to face these days. Given our hectic schedules, where is the time to do workouts. And then gyms and fitness centers can be an expensive proposition for some.

Lose no heart as there are at home workouts. That silver lining which costs you nothing yet helps you gain tremendously on the weight loss front. Start your day with easy workouts at home and make the most of home workout routine. Here we go tracing exercises to do at home that will get your body back in shape.

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Do Step Workouts While Putting Away Laundry

One of the easiest fat burning workouts for women is making 5 trips up and down the stairs for each laundry load that you put away.

Make sure that at the bottom of each trip, you lift the laundry basket to your shoulder height at least 5 times.

This fitness exercises at home targets your arm muscles and cardiovascular system.

Best Workout for Your Body

Sit Against The Wall While Your Coffee Brews

You will be surprised to find out how easy at home workouts are when you rest your back, head and neck against the wall. When you start this home workouts for women make sure your feet are about one and half foot away from each other before you bend your knees and slide your body toward the ground until your thighs are parallel to it.

Stay at this position for 15 seconds and work up to a minute.

This exercises to do at home targets your thigh muscles well.

Sit Against The Wall

Do Squats While Emptying The Dishwasher

When you reach out for your plate, don’t bend over but squat down as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Then grab the plate and straighten your legs. When you squat, see to it that your knees don’t go past your toes.

Do not show hurry in emptying the dishwasher. Reach for just one item in the dishwasher, and then continue the process in a stepwise fashion.

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This at home workouts targets your lower body. When you are doing the sitting posture, put mild pressure on your tip toes. This way, it will help work out your calf muscles too.

Do-Squats-While Emptying The Dishwasher

Do Belly Suck-Ins When In Car, Bus Or Train

You need to tighten your stomach muscles (as if somebody is about to punch you in your gut). When you do it, hold on as long as you can. Practice this fat burning workouts for women each day. As you continue this workout each day, it will make you feel easier.

Now keep your body in a straight line, and do about 20 push-ups, standing not sitting.

This home workout routine targets your chest and arm muscles.

Do Standing Push Ups

Desk Pushes While Sitting At Desk

Sit in a chair pulled close to a desk. With your palms looking up, place them under the desk and push yourself up as hard as you can. Think as if you are about to life your desk off the ground.

This home workouts for women targets your upper part of the body.

Desk-Pushes While Sitting At Desk.

Do Chair Leg Lifts While On The Phone

On the front edge of your office chair, sit up straight. While keeping your left leg bent, straighten your right leg, and lift it off the ground for a few seconds. Then switch legs.

This fat burning workouts for women targets your core and abs.

Do-Chair Leg Lifts While On The Phone

Do Half-Bridges When Lying On Bed

Lie on your back (no pillow please), bend your knees and flatten your feet on the bed. Squeeze your buttocks, tighten your stomach muscles, and now lift your hips in such a way that the knees and shoulders come in a straight line. Remain in this position for 10 seconds and alternate it with rest.

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When it comes to hips, glutes, abs and back, this home workout routine proves to be effective too.

Do Half Bridges When Lying On Bed

Hope you enjoyed reading easy workouts at home. When are you switching over to these home workout routine described? Likes and comments welcome.

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