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Control Hair Fall In Summer With These Amazing Simple DIY Tips

by Fashionlady
How To Control Hair Fall

Hair Fall Control

If like last summer, this summer too, you are struggling with keeping your hair intact and healthy, it is time you use one of the 7 simple tips to control hair fall in summer, which we have for you. If you have tried almost everything under the sun and nothing has worked to your benefit, maybe you need to change the way you are doing things. Worry not, we have 7 simple tips to control hair fall in summer.

The moment summer comes, we are ready with our lotions and potions for skin protection, sun shades for the eyes but nothing for our hair. Did you know, summer months can rob us of a lot of hair from our heads? This is true, and that is why, when you comb your hair each day, you would see strands and tufts of hair on the bristles of the comb. Alarming isn’t it? But this hair breakage and loss can be controlled, and we have 7 simple tips to control hair fall in summer that teach you how to control hair fall.

There are various reasons as to why we have hair fall and certain diseases and disorders that make it happen too. One can even blame the lifestyle factors and the genes as well, with regard to hair fall and hair breakage. Don’t stress too much, because stress too is a reason as to why you have hair loss and hair breakage. There are many routines and regimes that you can follow to know how to reduce hair fall, and here are some of the remedies that we want to share with you. Please read on and be well-informed.

1. Get an oil massage done

Hot oil massage once in a while not only helps rejuvenate your inner senses, but it does wonders for the hair and the scalp too.

Thrice a week you should massage your scalp, and emulsify your hair. This should be followed by a hot towel turban therapy so that the goodness of the oils enter the follicles of the hair and soak everything in.

For the hot oil hair treatment, you can use almond oil or coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil, and essential oils that can be used along with it are lavender oils, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil too. To add more effect to the oil, you can crush a vitamin E capsule and add it to the concoction.

Mix it well and apply the mixture from the root to the tip of the hair; massage the scalp in circular motions from the front to the back, back to the front, and on both sides of the skull as well.

Wrap your head in a hot towel for fifteen minutes and then shampoo your hair normally with a herbal shampoo.

Hair Oil Massage

Source: holisticvanity.ca

2. Treat your hair with small changes now and then

There are many reasons of hairfall in females and there are small changes that you should make when caring for your hair.

For example, if the shampoo that you are using you know is the reason why your hair falls a lot, stop using it. Switch to another shampoo which will be mild and preferably of the herbal kinds with natural ingredients.. Baby shampoos too are good to use, since the chemical amounts in them are almost nil.

Look at your combs. Your combs could also be reason enough as to why your hair is breaking and falling away. Clustered bristles are harsh on the hair, and they tangle the hair too. This is why we would want you to use a wide-toothed comb.

And finally, a small amount of sunlight hitting the hair is okay, but anything more than that or prolonged can be harsh. This is why it is important for you to cover your hair always when you are out. Wearing a nice hat or a scarf on the head for protection is advised.


3. Are you hydrated enough?

The power of water for hair cannot be undermined. It is a natural remedy that ensures the best solutions for your hair.

When water is consumed, the body cells immediately take it in. This helps keep the follicles of our hair flexible and moist. The texture of the hair too would improve as well.

Experts suggest having five to seven bottles of water per day, which helps keep the body hydrated and the follicles flexible and strong.

There are even oil extracts which can calm the scalp and bring down irritation of the scalp as well, and control hair fall too.

Natural oils are best to keep the head cool with, and they also effectively treat dandruff.

5. Try using fruit extracts

There are many natural ingredients such as aloe vera and wheatgrass, which can be juiced and used as hair masks. They help protect the quality of your hair and also combat untimely hairfall and breakage too.

Scalps may dry out in summer months as well and this could make hair fall worse too. Juices from natural fruits and especially wheat grass and aloe vera have calming and soothing effects, and they also help combat the dryness of the scalp as well.

The juices of fruits also help promote more hair growth, thanks to all the nutrition it gives. Even scalp infections are kept at bay, and the hair follicles are strengthened by the nutrients it receives.

When the scalp is kept clean, the hair would be cleaner and in a healthier state. This would thus mean lesser hair loss in summers. You must use hair packs made from natural fruit extracts at least once or twice a week.

Ways To Reduce Hair Fall

Source: thevalueplace.com

6. Combat stress and your hair will be safe

The body goes through a lot of stress on a daily basis. Add to this, the amount of stress we mentally and physically put it through, it can be alarming. All of these can make the hair follicles go weak, and this would be a reason for rapid hair loss too.

Physical and mental exercises can help beat stress and bring it down to a large extent, say experts. Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, long walks etc can help bring down the occurrence of hairfall as well. Check with a specialist on the kind of exercises you should do, mentally and physically to bring down stress levels in your life.

7. Check your diet

Talking about health care and hair care especially, there are hair fall control diets that you should be aware of. You must have balanced meals and plenty of water every day, and without this, natural lovely and healthy hair to have is not possible.

For good hair growth, it is important to have nuts and fruits, veggies for sure, proteins too. Walnuts and almonds should be consumed in moderation daily, so as to increase and promote hair growth.

Leafy green veggies should be consumed so as to promote thicker growth of hair, and to help prevent the occurrence of hair fall while the summer months are on. Sticking to salads would be a great idea, which helps bring in all the water, the nutrients and the important nourishment your hair needs.

Your hair also needs a lot of minerals and calcium, protein too, and you would find most of it in items such as legumes and seeds, nuts and fruits, milk and eggs, leafy veggies and lean meats. A portion of them should be consumed everyday, or at least thrice a week so that your hair stops falling untimely.

We hope these eight tips on how to resist hair fall, comes in handy for you. Do write in and let us know what ways to control hair fall tips you use personally for the summers, we would like to know more on the DIY stuff you do to keep your hair in its prime all through the summers.

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