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Top 25 Wedding Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Never Stop Thanking You For

by Fashionlady
Top Wedding Gift Ideas

Top Wedding Gift Ideas

From dealing with the stress of your loved ones’ marriage, to finding the perfect dress for yourself, the pressure of finding them the perfect gift adds to the list. Come a few years, won’t you want your BFF to never stop thanking you for the ‘thoughtful gift’ you got him/her? So what makes a perfect wedding gift? Any thoughts? Well, to relieve your pressure, we have done some digging ourselves. You can find the most awesome wedding gift lists right here. From the delivery of fresh flowers, to wine and candle subscription, to coffee and ice cream makers, you will find them all here.

Consider we have got you covered on this.

These top 25 wedding gift ideas are worthy of splurging on.

Take a look:

1. Personalized Wedding Portrait

A custom print on the couple’s wedding portrait can make a unique gift. While looking for design ideas, check for detailing, designing, and color of the personalized portrait. This can make a very personal marriage gifts idea for the newly-married couple.

Marriage Gifts

Source: jollyedition.com

2. Coffee Maker

Gifting programmable coffee maker means the newlyweds do not have to wait for the coffee to brew in the morning. These unique wedding gifts can delight any couple. While wrapping your coffee maker, pack it with a gift card for a roaster (for beans) and initial mugs. This can make a perfect wedding present for the couple.

Coffee Maker in Wedding Gift Lists

Source: williams-sonoma.com

3. Wine and Cake Set Server

Nothing can be more special than these exquisite set of simple, yet stunning and sophisticated wine and cake set server. Gift this with a customized set for celebrating their new life together.

Wine as Wedding Presents

Source: bradgoodellweddings.com

4. Silk Robe

A silk robe can be a perfect choice for the bride, as she can use it before and after her big day. You can go for intricate details, like embroidery designs or lacy sleeves, to make her contain the feelings of a bride for long.

Silk Robe as Unique Wedding Gifts

Source: etsy.com

5. Jewelry Box

A jewelry box, with storage for keeping precious accessories safe from dust or scratches, can make an ideal gift. While looking for one, select velvety interior designs, with silver topped covering for a royal feel.

Jewelry Box is Best Wedding Gifts

Source: gettingpersonal.co.uk

6. Luscious Bath towels

Give the newlyweds a five-star treatment in the comforts of their home, with sensual matching bath towels. You can add their initials for a more personal touch and also allow them to know which pair is whose. The couple can also take these matching towels to whichever location their honeymoon takes them to. Look for luscious bath towels with satin finish, for a luxurious and strong finish, enough to be machine washed.

Luscious Bath towels

Source: glucksteinhome.com

7. Waffle Maker

There are no arguments here, with breakfast being the most important meal of the day. So, making sure the couple kick off their mornings with the right kitchen tools, is essential. A waffle maker, for instance, can allow them to say goodbye to frozen waffles and make their breakfast even faster. Look up for waffle makers that are guaranteed for frequent use, especially using two heating plates for the most awesome breakfast ever.

Waffle Maker

Source: kitchenstuffplus.com

Wine of the Month Club

Source: popsugar.com

10. Bread Maker

This is a sure win for all newlyweds. Who won’t love the idea of freshly-baked bread? This can be easier done with the help of a bread maker. The couple will be able to prepare any kind of bread, including wheat, sourdough, and gluten-free. A splendid way to start the morning, isn’t it?

Bread Maker

Source: lovdock.com

11. Electric Corkscrew

Confusing to use, time-consuming, and standard corkscrews are old methods. You can modernize the couple’s collection with an electric corkscrew opener. This can allow them to pop open even the hardest of cork, working for you in one simple method.

Electric Corkscrew

Source: wineenthusiast.com

12. Drink Coasters

Newlyweds can never get enough of drink coasters, more so if they are frequent party hosts. So to meet their taste, gift the couple a cool drink coaster to decorate their coffee table. You can look up for unique designs that can be arranged in a specific shape.

Drink Coasters

Source: divinelifestyle.com

13. Scented Candle Subscription

All couples can take delight over a fresh new scent. You can select between a three, six, and a yearly subscription. This way, the newlyweds can get set to receive a fragrant, all-natural candle every month delivered straight to their doorstep. Lovely thought!

Scented Candle Subscription

Source: plumandashby.co.uk


14. Spa Day or Couple’s Massage

As exciting as a wedding plan sounds, it becomes hectic for the couple at the same time. While the frenzy of it all cannot be controlled, what can make a thoughtful gift, is a spa day coupon or a couple’s massage wedding gift. This can allow both partners to enjoy the massage together in the same room and alleviate their stress.

Spa Gift Card

15. Outdoor Sleeping Bag

For the couples who just love the outdoors, an outdoor sleeping bag can make the most awesome gift. Both of them can snuggle romantically under the stars, while being in the sleeping bag meant for two. This sleeping bag can be perfect for your avid hiker or camper pal.

Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Source: outdoorgearlab.com

16. Professional Cookware

Newly professional cookware, like pots and pans are a much-needed kitchen essential for the bride and the groom. They will be more than thankful to receive a set of professional cookware for the many meals they’ll need to prepare together.

Professional Cookware

Source: williams-sonoma.com

17. Cash

Who said you cannot gift cash as wedding presents? Sure, this may not be the most creative gift or may seem impersonal, but receiving cash never goes unappreciated. If you want to make it more thoughtful, then you can include a personal card to go along with the cash. This can definitely allow your loved ones to appreciate your warm generosity.


Gift cash as wedding present

Source: vrenchanted.blogspot.in

18. Ice Cream Maker

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love the thought of ice cream. Both ice cream and ice cream maker are easy to find. The latter makes for an ideal gift. The bride and the groom can get to choose between numerous toppings, flavors, icings, and sorbets. All in for a delicious treat- all summer long!

Ice Cream Maker

Source: spoonfeed.com.sg

19. Tea box

For the tea lover friend or family member, tea boxes can be a safe bet. They won’t stop from thanking you enough. You can choose from Darjeeling, Assam, Kerala, and Madurai tea along with other options all in a tea box.

Tea box

Source: goldentipstea.in

20. Instant Film Camera

After being gifted with an instant film camera, the couple can end up documenting every special moment together. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera can make the best wedding gifts for all camera lovers.

Instant Film Camera

Source: danfinnen.com

21. Beach Tote Bag

If you’re loved-one is globetrotting over a romantic beach honeymoon getaway, then gifting beach tote bag would be a lovely thought. Alongside, you can fill in the straw tote bag with sunglasses, beach towel, beach cover-ups, and lingerie. She will love the hidden surprises and it makes for a fun gift for the bride who has planned it all under her sleeves.

Beach Tote Bag

Source: hammacher.com

22. Whistling Kettle

We are used to heating water all the time, but neglect the fancies of it all. A whistling water kettle can make an ideal gift as it heats up pretty quickly and sits pretty in the kitchen, too. The wheezing sound of it in the morning can be comforting and calming.

Whistling Kettle

Source: fujihoroindia.com

23. Cupboard or Wardrobe

A gifted cupboard or wardrobe can hold a special place in every newlywed’s home to keep their things well-organized. They can even sort their gifts for special occasions. You can look up for gift cupboards that come in a variety of designs, especially suited for all needs. Customize the cupboard with mirrors to add dimension to their bedroom.


Source: inrdeals.com

24. Table Lamp

Gift away a slice of lampshades to add elegance to their new home. Since regular table lamps hardly make nice gifts for weddings, look up for a more personalized option. You can look for decorative pieces of work.

Table Lamp

Source: touchofclass.com

25. Airbnb Gift Card

You can gift your adventurous friend with a gift card of a lifetime. An Airbnb gift card can allow them to pick their own adventure holiday, all the way from cabin in the woods or a luxurious stay in a five star hotel, in the heart of a big city.

Airbnb Gift Card

Source: us.letgo.com

What are your thoughts on these top 25 wedding gift ideas? We hope you liked them as much as we did. Write in to us with your feedback and suggestions for the same. We would love to hear from you.

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