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Create Your Own Sense Of Fashion And Style With Ripped Leggings DIY!

by Fashionlady
Cut Leggings

Ripped Leggings

Kendall Jenner showed us the way on how to get it right with ripped leggings, and ever since, ripped leggings diy has taken the world of fashion by storm. PYTs across the globe cannot get enough of this DIY fashion trend it seems, and why not. It is cool, comfy, chic, can be done in a gazallion ways and brings back a touch of the 90s fashion – when it was done on denims and jeans- too. So without much ado and since we are going to show you more on ripped leggings diy, let’s go right ahead and learn them all. Take a look and grab your leggings now!

Here is a video on how to make your own ripped leggings diy

Many ways on how to style up and flaunt black ripped leggings

There are many interesting pair ups with black ripped leggings. Now the fun part with black ripped leggings, would be that you get to choose to go achromatic, which is black on white, monotonish, which is black on black, or throw in a pop of color- a colorful top in varied patterns, prints, textures or solid block colours in self, with black ripped leggings. You thus have a range of fashion statements to flaunt each day. And with black ripped leggings, you can have a whole variety of shoes to wear as well, so do not forget to stock up on your favorites.

You can even go all inspired by celebrity Ashton Irwin for the look this winter end or early spring. A pair of black ripped leggings, with a sleeveless black top, and a pop of color in an auburn to maroonish shaded scarf, converse for the feet, and hot red lips, paired with the right accessories, why not? Here is your cue!

Ashton Irwin Outfit

Source: polyvoreimg.com

Thinking about how to throw in some jazz to the birthday party you have been invited to, fashion wise? A pair of black ripped leggings with a white shirt and a leather jacket for the early evening birthday bash would make you stand out like a diva. Pair it up with shades for the eyes and a clutch bag or a leather purse, and you would be the heights of chic fashion amongst the PYTs – even the birthday girl would want to know why you stole her thunder. Do not forget to wear your hot red lips for the night, and if it is a an early evening party, get going with sexy sultry browns for the lips. Ankle length booties for the feet completes the look.

Diy Ripped Leggings

Source: allwomenstalk.com

Let’s dress up for the movies, like the stars we see on the silver screen. And we do not have to spend a bomb for the same. A pair of black ripped leggings, can be paired with a cotton top in neutral tones and a denim jacket for warmth. Open toed sandals or roman shoes would be the apt way to make a fashion statement complete. Minimal accessories and hot red lips with shades for the early evening movie, why not? This is a look that is so hot and haute for the movies.

Ripped Leggings Diy

Source: blownpaperbags.com

Out on a movie date with him, then you have to dress for the occasion. If you would like a touch of quirkiness, a pair of black ripped leggings would be fine. Wear it with a boat neck black top, and add in an infused neutral toned coat for the evening to stay warm. A statement neckpiece in gold tones would be best to accessorize with, and a bag to sling on the shoulders with hot red lips for company, completes the look. Heels or ankle length boots can be worn for the divaish touch to come through.

Best Leggings Cutting Pattern

Source: wheretoget.it

For a fun night out with the girls, and should you not want to dress up all hoity toity like the others, you can flaunt the minimal touch like a princess. Look hot in a pair of black ripped leggings, paired with a light colored crop top and a pair of converse for the feet. Shades for the eyes are a must, and a dark colored evening jacket completes the look, with nude lips. Kendall Jenner, hollywood celeb, shows us how to pull off this look!

Leggings Cutting Patterns

Source: glamradar.com

To the gym as well, a pair of black ripped leggings can be worn for light exercises. A bikini top with the leggings would make a wonderful fashion statement and pairing it up with a black cropped coat when you are not working out, would be another fashion statement on your way out of the routine or into one. Wear your black shades and ride or drive yourself to the gym like a diva.

Leggings Cutting Pattern

Source: attirelle.com

Off to hang out with the buddies over coffee this weekend, and want to look cool under the dimming evening sun? Singer and actor from hollywood, Taylor Swift shows us how to pair up the light black ripped leggings with a maroon pastel round tee. She wears her sneakers like a pro and flaunts her signature red lips too. Quite a simple yet astounding way to make the evening a fashion moment, isnt it?

For the party this weekend, you can wear your black ripped leggings the other way round, and pair it up with animal printed heels or pumps for the feet. Wear a neutral toned skater skirt on top of it, and tie your hair into a topknot. Style up with red lips for the night and a scarf around the neck or a cropped coat. You are ready to dance the night out!


Source: amazon.com

For a very gothic infusion, you can have your black ripped leggings worn with a tartan short skirt, and a jersey on top. Carry a black leather jacket around for comfort and warmth, if you know you are going to be out too late. Booties for the feet are a must, and smokey eyes would complete the look.

No matter how you plan to rip the black leggings, there is always a pop of color you can add to make a fashion statement come alive with them. For example, a printed white long top can be worn with a pair of black ripped leggings and a long chain for company, to make a charming statement come through.

Black Striped Knee Ripped Leggings

Source: hardonclothes.com

Can we have more color with black ripped leggings or any other color of leggings?

Yes you can, and here are a couple of statements to follow!

Ripped workout leggings

Source: ebay.com


You wanted color, we got you color. With spring around and summer soon to follow, we thought of bringing in tones of orange to spruce up the fashion statements with. Orange cut leggings are for those that love to flaunt solid colors when the mood around is all grey. And this is a welcoming fashion statement.

Womens Cutout Leggings

Source: dresshead.com

Say hello to intricately styled cut leggings that adorn the legs all the way to the waist. They can be worn with short shirts, kurta shirts, long and short kurtas, long tunic tops, salwar tops and even western blouses too.

Black Striped Knee Ripped Legging

Source: rackcdn.com

For the fitness concious woman, and if she wants to look super glamorous on her daily jogs, she too can flaunt colorful or monotonish (colored) cut leggings like a pro. It is a statement to behold, and the look is completed with a pair of sneakers of converse shoes in neutral tones.

Girls Cutout Leggings

Source: cichic.com

You might just as well invest in a light colorful pair of cut and sewed cut leggings this spring and into the summer, which can be paired with a myriad range of tops and tees, as per your liking. This would be a complete look with oxford shoes for the feet for a semi formal look, or with sneakers for a casual look.

Ladies Legging

Source: selectandyou.com

Cut leggings do not come in one size, which means, even plus sized women can wear them too. What we see here are illusions created by patterns and prints that hide the flabby legs, and with a cut black silhouette on the sides of the legs to create more length and an illusion of height.

Open knee leggings

Source: shopify.com

Mesh printed cut leggings can be worn like a pro to the gym or maybe for a stroll out or an evening walk. Pairing it up with a tee or a top to the waist would be nice, if you are not too comfy flaunting too much skin. You can also pair it up with a crop top or a short tee, and make heads turn.

Fashion Leggings for Girls

Source: shopify.com

For the night out, invest in a pair of printed cut leggings that has mesh embossment on it. Wear graphic printed heels or pumps, and a crisp top and with a leather jacket to enhance the look. Hot lips in red would be fine for the night out.

Fashion Leggings for Womens

Source: kamishade.com

For a snazzy evening out with friends, you would want to wear something royal. Faux suede cut leggings would be the answer. It can be paired up with a silk shirt and a black jacket for comfort, and do not miss out on a bag to hold with shades for the eyes. Heels are a must to spruce up the look for the evening.

Fashion Leggings

Source: volusion.com

Go achromatic for the dinner party in white cut leggings, paired up with black pumps and a black top. Minimal accessories here for the evening, just a statement neckpiece would do. Flaunt red lips and make a wholesome fashion statement like a diva.

Ripped Knee Leggings for Womens

Source: pinkqueen.com

If you love cartoon characters and want to flaunt the child within you, cut leggings now are available in a wide range of styles to choose from. They can be paired with simple tops and tees, to oversized cardigans and more.

Ripped knee leggings

Source: aliexpress.com

Velvet laser cut cut leggings so intricate and beautiful, can be worn to college and even on fridays to work, and not an eyebrow would be raised. Distractions to the onlookers can be made with the right use of statement accessories and shoes worn with them.

Women's Ripped Knee Denim Legging

Source: wheretoget.it

If you love black tops and leather jackets, you can pair them up like our celebrities do with your laser or normal leggings cutting patterns. Take a look at Rihanna and Lady GAGA sporting a few!

Women's Ripped Knee Denim Leggings

Source: collegefashion.net

Celebrity Erin Wassan shows us how a neutral tones jacket can be worn to complete an achromatic look with the right leggings cutting pattern worn.

Erin Wassan Ripped Leggings

Source: cooljunkie.com

Celebrity Taylor Swift once again shows us how she makes her yoga workout a fun routine by wearing cut leggings. The whole monotonish look sans her signature red lips makes her look like a different diva altogether, isnt it?

Taylor Swift Leggings

Source: laineygossip.com

Airport fashion alert by celebrity Bella Hadid. A neutral toned 90s themed jacket with an oversize run is worn over the leggings cutting pattern so fine, we hardly notice the same, but yet a fashion statement is made when the oxfords are worn on the feet.

Knee Ripped Leggings for Girls

Source: omgoing.com

A little more fun with the leggings cutting pattern would be nice to have around, and this time pairing it up with a boob tube or a bikini top, and a nice tartan shirt in yellow or mustard. Shades for the eyes and sneakers for the feet, complete the look.

Knee Ripped Leggings

Source: wheretoget.it

Colorful printed tops are in and with spring around the corner, you should be stashing up on them soon. Pair them up with leggings cutting patterns in any color and make a statement wherever you go. Perfect to wear ankle booties for the look to come as clean and complete.

Now that we showed you a range of ripped leggings diy tutorials and also styles that you can wear, we hope you got inspired by some of them if not all. We now want you to take a look at some more styles below that should be tried out. And there are videos to it as well. Take a look!

1. Here is a ripped jeans video which can be used for ripped leggings diy,

Here is the video to the same

2. If you would like to rip your leggings and use knee patches to make the leggings cutting patterns cuter, here is one of the many looks you can try.

Here is the video to the same

3. Although this videos says DISTRESSED DENIM DIY, you can use the same idea for leggings cutting patterns too.

Here are three of the looks you could try

Here is the video to the same

4. If you would like to try and DIY your own garter leggings, here is a picture of what it looks like.

Here is the video to the same

5. The busted knee jeans look can be emulated with leggings in any color and worn

Here is one of the looks

Here is the video of the same

6. For you who loves slits and designs of the gothic kind and spooky ones that too, here is a look to try

Here is the video of the same

7. This is a video on the well known traditional way on ripping jeans, which can now be all about ripping leggings.

Here is the video of the same

Here we come to an end on the many fashion styles of ripped leggings DIY with a dose on how to style them up, how to do your own ripped leggings and more. Do write in and tell us if you have ever worn ripped leggings, and how you wear them? If you have indo-western ideas and pictures to share with us, do share the same and we would be eager to show the world your talent too.

Have fun!

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