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Dance To Fitness With Aerobic Dance

by Fashionlady
What is Aerobic Dance

Aerobic Dance

Gone are the days when exercise took a back seat. Today, it has almost become a fashion statement and of course, a way to stay fit and on top of health. No matter what your age is, you are looking to join a fitness class. Simultaneously, none of you like to go through the boring old routine of workouts and want it to be instead a fun and thrilling session as well. Owing to it, numerous new forms of exercises are continually getting launched by modifying the old ones to grab your attention. One such form of exercise which is taking the world by storm is Aerobic Dance. Confused? Read on!

Aerobic Dance Workout for Beginners

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What Is Aerobic Dance?

We all know that cardio workout is imperative to achieve that perfect BMI and a flawless body balance. Simultaneously losing all stress and pent up frustration inside the body is imperative too. Achieve all this in a fun filled way by enrolling for aerobic dance workouts for beginners. These are a series of exercises in which rhythm and dance moves have been combined creatively for a total body workout. Using your large muscle groups, it makes your heart pump faster to help you gain flexibility, muscle strength and a robust heart. Music is an integral part of this exercise and often an instructor guides this series of exercise in groups. An aerobic dance workout needs to be done continuously atleast for 10 minutes. It has various levels to cater to all level of fitness. Today, almost every multispecialty gym flaunts a certified instructor for you to learn and execute aerobic dance moves.

Zumba Aerobic Dance

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History Of Aerobic Dance

The aerobic dance was first incepted in the late 1960s when Dr. Kenneth Cooper, a person of US military background founded ‘Cooper Aerobics’ in Texas after coining the term ‘Aerobics’ in 1968. Publishing it as the name of his first book, he even gave its definition to Oxford English Dictionary. Since then it has evolved and today we have its numerous types and styles to cater to all regardless of age or sex. You can find specialized aerobic dance for kids to aerobic dance for senior citizens. This form of exercise has become so popular today that one can find specialized list of aerobic dance songs on which anyone can do any of the aerobic dance routines.

Benefits Of Aerobic Dance

Aerobic dance packs a bundle of benefits, no matter which of its styles you choose! Its biggest advantage and attraction is the inculcation of fun and enjoyment in the workout routine which not only gets you physically fit but also works wonders mentally. Draining away all stress, anxiety, depressions, tensions etc., it truly gets you completely relaxed and in a happy state. Because of its various levels, every individual can learn how to do aerobic dance and have loads of fun.


It not only strengthens and tones your muscles but also makes the cardiovascular system robust. Increasing the blood circulation, it lowers the high cholesterol levels in the body. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, this exercise might just be your nirvana. Being power packed, it increases the efficiency of the heart and the lungs to an appreciable degree. Moreover you have complete freedom to choose the song as well as personalize your own dance moves. Can anything be more cooler than this?

Types Of Aerobic Dance

Since its inception, various styles of aerobics has come up. This is because they have adopted different types of dance styles. While the Latin dance aerobic has been popular since beginning, the ballroom dance aerobic is also grabbing much attention and popularity today. The Zumba aerobic dance is undoubtedly its most popular style which packs the Latin-style music and dance styles and is an out and out fun! Simple yet heart pumping, they help you shed the extra flab within no time.

Jazzercise is another terrific aerobic dance which is an awesome combination of cardio and resistance training! The wonders that it can do to your body and mind is amazing.

As mentioned earlier, ballroom dancing is another very popular form of aerobics that is fast becoming the toast of present times. Despite being slow, the grace and confidence it gives you apart from a superbly toned body is bound to make you addicted to it.

Inspired by Arabic countries like Egypt and Turkey’s dance styles, the belly dance aerobic is a big craze today, especially among the younger generation. Beautiful and exotic, this style of aerobics get your confidence notches higher and lends you an unmatched grace and sensuality.

Aerobic Dance Workout

Hope you are ready to dance away all your fitness woes and add some zing and zest in your life. Which form of aerobic dance swept you away from your feet? Chime in below.

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