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Decoding Kendall Jenner’s Street Style – Comfort Plus Elegance

by Fashionlady
Kendall Jenner

Over the past couple of months we have stalked your memory with various red carpet avtaars of our favorite celebs. You must be thinking that it’s no big deal to look impeccable on the red carpet when you have an entourage of helpers dressing you up. Indeed. But there are a few celebs, whom we hold an inch closer to our hearts for how breathtakingly chic they look all the time. One of them is Kendall Jenner. When the gorgeous li’l sister of Kim Kardashian isn’t busy walking the ramp or gushing over Harry Styles, she is busy walking down the street like a boss. Here are a few from the VS model’s best street styles for your envy or admiration.

The model walked down the street like she owned it. She picked up some dark blue slim fit ripped denims that ended right where her boots started. She preferred a little dampen mood for the look and chose a grey off-shoulder full sleeve tee to go with those jeans which she accessorized with some studded belt going around her waist, sling purse and aviators to keep those eyes off the sun.

Kendall Jenner Style

Source: eonline.com

Kendall looked super sleek this January, though she wasn’t heading for a glam event. The snakeskin jacket to keep the chill off her was layered on a grey turtleneck shirt. She rocked a pair of black skinnies. The mood of this style somewhat matches the above with all the grey-esque theme going on. Once again we saw her in black boots and a black purse to go with it.

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Kendall Jenner Clothes and Outfits

Source: harpersbazaar.com

Keeping it cool and casual for a December weekend, Kendall slips into a high neck white crop top. Ditching those dark denims, this time she picked up some bright blue jeans and Stan Smith sneakers to complete her look. But keeping in mind, it was December, she threw in a huge navy blue coat to cover up completely. She might have removed that thing once she was indoors, I guess.

kendall jenner fashion

Source: harpersbazaar.com

Continuing with the task of decoding the Jenner babe’s street style, I bring these super bright and feel good picture to you. Girlfriend puts her enviable figure to full display, and hell yeah, we love it! This look screams out summer. That bright coral turtle neck top and that super short denim skirts were made for each other in heaven. I’d try them too, if I had those legs. She secures her must-haves in a black leather purse and smiles her way in those tan ankle high boots. Apparently, those boots are a must have in every girl’s closet. And let’s all agree that those aviators are basically a part of Kendall’s body.

kendall jenner height

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Here is another look at the pair of gorgeous legs the supermodel has. She strolls across the LA roads in a light grey sweater dress. The white sneakers are doing the right kind of justice to the dress as well. On a casual day out, Kendal keeps the accessories to the minimal – a good pair of shades and her favorite saddle bags.

kendall jenner Best fashion

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For a non-eventful night out, she enjoys her personal space with friends and family. Check out the gorgeous leopard coats she dons during one such evenings. Don’t miss to peep into the lace cami beaneth the animal skin. The black skinnies and boots undoubtledly went well with the whole concept.


kendall jenner style guide

Source: harpersbazaar.com

And here’s presenting you her airport style. This picture was clicked while she was leaving London. The black Givenchy bag, the skinnies, the Dior sunglasses, the Sandro boots – just forget everything. Concentrate on that sinful Elizabeth & James fur coat she is boasting.

Kendall Jenners Best Outfits

Source: harpersbazaar.com

And if you think she is always glamourous, trust me, she can play the geek too. That lucky sidewalk of LA saw her in Garrett Leight frames. But she did flash a little bit of skin below the short Larkin skirt that she teamed up with a petite white crop top. To fight the wind, she added an old olive leather jacket and secured feet into Gianvito Rossi boots. But that bright red pouch is my favorite piece from this entire look.

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