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What Is The DIY Body Wrap Recipe? Educate Yourself On This Exquisite Procedure

by Fashionlady
DIY Body Wrap

DIY Body Wrap

One of the best beauty recipes that we would suggest is a DIY Body Wrap, and why? If you are looking at doing away with the cellulite adipose tissues and to have the best blood circulation for your body, a DIY Body Wrap works like magic. The DIY Body Wraps we would talk about also helps in mobilizing fat tissues and eliminate them over time- when you properly use the regimes we suggest.

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Why would you want to spend a bomb with body wraps at spas, especially when DIY Body Wraps can be done at home for a fraction of the cost? Makes sense to procure your own specific and au naturale minerals and vitamins, salts and oils to help with the body detox using DIY Body Wraps, doesn’t it?

Homemade Body Wraps

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Homemade Body Wraps

We want you to relax and unwind, feel royal by treating yourself to Homemade body wraps. But first let’s take a look into the concept of body wraps for better understanding.

  1. Set up the ambiance, which should be soothing and warm, with a comfortable place to lie down.
  2. You can also perform the DIY body wrap in your bathroom at home, with old towels to lie on.
  3. Have a lot of water before you start the body wrap, because as the impurities and the toxins are flushed out, the body would need hydration – water is the best to consume at this stage.
  4. Pick up a range of your favorite aroma candles to light around, switch on some nice soothing meditating music- piano, drums, guitar strums et al.- helps make the experience super enjoyable and fun.
  5. Grab hold of cotton sheets and plenty of plastic wrap, some tin foil too for the body wrap. Now let’s get started.

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Homemade Body Wrap Recipes

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Chamomile Body Wraps

When indulging in homemade body wrap recipes, we would want you to think holistic and herbal for the same. Let’s indulge in chamomile tea body wrap this time.

  1. Fill a bucket with hot water and soak one cotton sheet in it, add the chamomile tea leaves in this water.
  2. Wring out the water from the sheet and wrap the sheet when hot around your body. The only areas that should be left uncovered would be the arms and the forehead.
  3. With the help of plastic wrap, wrap the cotton sheet on the body which is hot. The wrap should be firm and sticking to the body, but not very tight.
  4. Lie down on the towels spread in the bathroom or on a clean floor for half an hour. Relax and enjoy the music, the aroma candles and the soothing ambiance playing around.
  5. When half an hour is done and over with, unwrap and shower in warm water.
Types Of Body Wrap

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Papaya Body Wraps

There are plenty of enzymes in one piece of papaya that helps soften the skin and revitalize it too. In addition to that, the natural fruity acids found in papayas can help exfoliate the dead skin cells, much on the same lines of what the alpha hydroxyl acids would do for the body. This is a body wrap that helps smoothen the skin texture and tone, and you wouldn’t feel cold too.

  1. Start by steaming up the bathroom and lying down on the towels below, so as to allow the skin pores to open.
  2. Make a paste of the papaya and ensure that the smoothness for the same happens.
  3. Now spread the paste with your hands all over your body- spread not knead- you don’t want the fruit juices to enter into the skin too much.
  4. Now lie down on the towels below and wrap a plastic sheet on every part of your body, just as we told you to do for the chamomile body wrap.
  5. Wait for half an hour, listen to the music, close your eyes, breathe deep and relax. Wash off after half an hour and sip a cup of green tea later so as to allow replenishing and hydration of the body.

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Different Types Of Body Wraps

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Here we spoke about two types of body wrap and how they could help soothe your skin. If you have different types of body wraps and ideas of your own- do write in!

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