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10 Best Spa Therapies That Soothe Every Nerve In The Body

by Fashionlady
Best Spa Therapies

Best Spa Therapies

The best spa therapies available aren’t only to help with skin and hair only, they can even go deep into the body to touch those painful nerves and soothe them too. Stiff necks, frozen shoulders, aches and pains during the cold wintry days are the norm, and braving them all can be a tough thing to do.

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Types Of Spa Treatments

We understand your needs and that is why today we shall speak about the best spa therapies and different types of spa treatments you can try at home.

1. The Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Very well-known and most offered to clients across the globe, the Swedish Massage is one of the best types of spa treatments that helps place focus on the nerves, relaxes the body and rejuvenates the system too. With essential oils and lotions used, kneading long flowing strokes are engaged in the act, and major nerve bundles and muscle groups are given moderate pressure to release the pain and tension.

Types Of Spa Treatments

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2. The Warm Bamboo Massage

With the help of bamboo tools, clients receive a rhythmic massage with a slow pace touch. Every inch of the body is taken good care of, with major focus on the nerve centers and the pressure points. Much on the lines of a Swedish massage, the warm bamboo massage goes deep into the body, relaxing every aching zone and joint!

Best Spa Treatments

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3. The Brazilian Toe Massage

A very simple yet an effective way to relax every nerve in the body, the Brazilian toe massage takes not more than ten minutes to do. By the end of the massage, your body would be relaxed and the nerves in the body would be rejuvenated too. Our toes have nerve endings that need attention, which is why reflexologists always focus on the feet and the toes especially when addressing issues!

Spa Therapies Types

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4. Warming Massage Oil Recipe for Date Night

One of the most and the very Best Spa Treatments, the sensual warming massage oil recipe for date night not only preps you up and makes the moments with him spicy, but helps relax the nerve points in the body too. Essential oils found at home can be used, but should you want to use aroma oils, please check with a reputed aroma therapist on the quantity quotient.

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Different Types Of Spa Therapies

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5. The Thai Bali Massage

Increase the energy flow in the body with warm steamy touches of the compress used in the Thai Bali massage. The compress comprises herbs such as ginger and citrus, fabulous ingredients to treat nerve pains and aches of the body. The massage helps with skin detoxification, muscle relaxation and arthritis pain relief too.

Thai Bali Massage

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6. The Famous Hot Stone Therapy Massage

How many times have we wished for a warm touch when those aches and pains attack, especially with frozen stiff necks? Sounds familiar right! With our nerves entwined and connected all over, the Hot Stone Therapy Massage with stones quite warm and friendly to the skin placed all over the body, helps soothe the muscles, joints and the nerves like a mother’s touch!

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

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Himalayan Pink Salt Round Massage Balls

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9. Shirodhara

From India with love, the ancient Shirodhara gentle massage technique uses herbal oils to help calm and relax the nervous system in the body, opening vital energy points in the head. The oils are known to help calm down the doshas, and release the energies stored from the 6th chakra, which if left untouched can lead to more pains.

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10. Warm River Rock Massage

Combine nature with an experience of the best massage or spa therapy to soothe the body and the mind, the painful nerves too. Warm basalt stones bring the body the heat it needs with medium pressure applied, so that the sore joints and tensed muscles are relived. The Warm River Rock Massage is an ancient form of nerve soothing, which brings respite to the nervous system in less than an hour!

Warm River Rock Massage

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Here were some of the best and very different types of spa therapies to help soothe the painful nerves in the body. Let us know if there are others you may have heard off or tried and your experience too!

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