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Alia Bhatt Fashion Style For College PYTs To Emulate In The New Session

by Fashionlady
alia bhatt styles

alia bhatt fashion style

Cute, charming, innocent looking, sassy and with a wild side of her own in good ways, we simply adore Alia Bhatt and the famous Alia Bhatt fashion style doing the rounds. Now if you compare her to the other bevy of beauties in Bollywood or tinsel town, the mode of fashion as seen on Alia is what we call ‘effortless’. The Alia Bhatt fashion style speaks of individualism without trying too hard, if you know what we mean. And moreover, the Alia Bhatt fashion style is flaunted by the actress herself, and here are some of her prettiest casual looks for the college-goers to emulate when the new session in college begins.

Try Emulating These Alia Bhatt Style

Talking about Alia Bhatt style, it would be her choice of casual wear that catches the eyes the most. Here are a few looks that you could emulate to look sassy and cool!

Caps And A Singlet

A nice cotton singlet with baseball cap, paired with denims for the bottoms and shoes for the feet. So chic yet casual, you wouldn’t be short of praises when spring and summer arrives next year.

alia bhatt look

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Styling The Summer Jacket

Bringing in a little colour to the all-white touch, Alia shows us how to make the summers not a cruel one, but a cool one! Wear this look and your college authorities wouldn’t mind you walking around!

fashion tips for alia bhatt

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Leather Skirts For The Girls Night Out

A sleeveless top and a black leather skirt with ankle boots, Alia looks every bit chic and sassy here. A must-have look for the girls night out when the summer months hit!

alia bhatt best style

Source: pinterest.com

Off Shoulders Please

A little quirky with the strappy number beneath the off-shoulder top being shown, Alia wears her denims tight and heels high to venture out!

alia bhatt looks style

Source: pinterest.com

Breezy Easy

Keep calm and cool wearing a simple tee with boyfriend shorts when the hot summer months arrive. Pair the look with shades for the eyes and sneakers for the feet!

alia bhatt collection

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Lace Tops And Black Cuff Pants

A walk to the mall or maybe out with the girls over panipuri and chaat, you couldn’t go wrong wearing a lace top in white and black cuff pants. Sneakers or heels for the feet would be awesome to wear with this look!


alia bhatt collection style

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Lace Tent Dress

Lace tent dresses remind us of the 70s fashion, where women wore short dresses that had literally no hemlines. Seen at an awards show, Alia sports a lace tent dress skirt, pairing the look with a chic neckpiece.

alia bhatt fashion collection

Source: pinterest.com

alia bhatt fashion tips

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A Tank Dress With Sneakers

A floral tank dress with sneakers for the panache to come through, one of the best of the many Alia Bhatt looks we simply love!

alia bhatt collections

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Pink Block Heels And Blue Palazzos

Whoever came up with this style may have been thinking out loud, especially with colour blocking statements. Alia undoubtedly sizzles in the fashion statement made here.

alia bhatt style fashion

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Dhoti Salwar For Alia

If you want to be like Alia or want to know how to be like Alia Bhatt, you have got to embrace the power of all things minimal. As seen, Alia sports no heavy embellishments on her trousseau, but looks super cool in a long dhoti salwar.

alia bhatt looks

Source: pinterest.com

Peplums For Alia

Alia looks ravishing in colour blocks. Peplums in blue with a black mini skirt; need more ideas on how to dress for the evening party?

how to be like alia bhatt

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Floral Prints And Stripes

Alia plays and very daringly so with prints and stripes. As seen here, she wears floral printed leggings and a b/w striped tee!

alia bhatt fashion styles

Source: pinterest.com

White Dress Pants And A Blue Tee

How cool is that for a summerish evening? One of the best Alia Bhatt fashion tips we get from here, play it like it is your daily fashion mantra!

how to be like alia bhatt

Source: pinterest.com

So now we hope you would be ready to rock the college scene once the new session begins, since we have shown you how to dress in the Alia Bhatt collection. Get groovy and quirky, naughty and sassy, but keep calm and beat the summers in your own fashionable ways!

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