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Different ways to Increase Libido in Older Women

by Fashionlady
Different ways to increase libido in older women

Different ways to increase libido in older women
As you grow older, you will experience a slight unfamiliarity. There are times when you will not have a sex drive at all! Yes, it is not a myth. As women grow older, they will experience a sudden jolt to their libido. This may be caused by a number of reasons including lifestyle issues and of course age! There is no holy grail when it comes to increasing the libido, but a woman can always look into her physical and emotional health to help alleviate the problem.

Science: What really changes?

As a woman grows older, her periods stop and she has a huge dip in the levels of estrogen in her body. This is called menopause and women who go through this do not have a sex drive at all! This is completely normal with age and as the estrogen level is extremely low, the woman’s vaginas receive very less blood and it is very dry. Sex becomes extremely painful.

There are many ways by which you can try and get back the libido. Even though there are no permanent cures, there are ways to increase libido in females, thus enabling you to get your sex life back on track.


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Coping With Vaginal Dryness:

As mentioned, one of the biggest problems with older women is the increased dryness in the vagina. Since there is very little lubrication, the woman finds it difficult to have sex and as such she is more and more repulsed or scared by the idea of sex. Besides several natural home remedies to increase vaginal lubrication, other solution to this is to use over-the-counter lubricants. Lubricants can help make sex a pleasant experience. There are many types available and you can easily get them at any medical store.

Coping With Vaginal Dryness

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Pelvic Exercises:

If you are wondering how to tighten vagina at home, this is for you. As women grow older, their vaginal muscles lose the strength and elasticity that they once had. This can also be a hindrance to an active sexual life because sex is not that great anymore. The vaginal muscles can tighten after doing Kegel exercises daily. These exercises are one of the natural ways to increase libido, and are not too hard and can be done daily for ten minutes for increased satisfaction. Over time, the muscles can tighten and sex can become satisfactory again.


Pelvic Exercises

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Testosterone Therapy:

The loss of estrogen and testosterone are common reasons for a decreased libido. Thus, women are being given products which have testosterone. It can not only affect the sexual drive, but it can also help the woman with lubrication and make it easier for the woman to orgasm. But like all medicines, there are controversies about the side effects for long term use. You should always get advice from a qualified gynecologist before trying any of these off-beat therapies.

Testosterone Therapy

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It’s all in the mind:

Though everyone focuses just on the hormones and the body, doctors are now realizing that it is also a matter of mind. A new class of drugs that could spur desire in men and women by acting on the zones of the brain linked with arousal. They are coming up with nasal sprays and potions as well as lotions which would amplify the action of the arousal system in the brain.

Scientists are also formulating estrogen preparations which are currently the only US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medication for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. The patients have to take small doses of estrogen vaginal cream and it can be used to improve lubrication and decrease pain with intercourse.

It is understandable that vaginal discomfort and a decreased libido can drastically affect a woman’s life. But the best thing is, it is totally curable! So you don’t have to worry about it at all!

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