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How to Get Even Skin Tone in 1 Minute

by Fashionlady
How to Get Even Skin Tone in 1 Minute

How to Get Even Skin Tone in 1 Minute
While makeup is essential, most working women find it quite hard to spare time for grooming themselves. It often happens that if they pick the eyes, they have to leave their pouts and cheeks naked because of the time crunch. Overall makeup has now become a distant dream for most us working ladies. This post sees 4 fabulous steps on how to even skin tone in 1 minute. Read on and stay inspired!

A clever makeup session, in less than a minute is the need of the hour.

Step 1 – Primer

Never skip primer if you intent to use a foundation. Always remember, primer is the first step of your 1-minute makeover session. Always pick a good quality primer that has a smooth finish on your skin, allowing your makeup to glide on and blend effortlessly. If you have blemishes or redness on your face then go for a primer that comes with a color-neutralizing CC cream.


Source: sephora.com

My best baits include –

  1. Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer by Benefit Cosmetics
  2. Pore Perfection Complexion Primer Potion by Urban Decay
  3. CC Color Correcting Cream by Lorac
  4. And if you want to go for something that suits your budget then pick the primer by Colorbar

Step 2 – Foundation

Never randomly buy a foundation at a beauty store. Instead, always do a lot of research and testing before picking a shade. To make matters easier,always educate yourself with a guide to foundation for beginners. Apply a sheer to medium coverage foundation. Ditch your brush as it takes longer time. Instead use your fingers to blend the cream well, right from your hairline to the jaw line.


Source: server-test.eu

My best baits include –

  • Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat
  • Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Makeup Duo
  • Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15

Step 3 – Concealer

Your foundation should be followed by a concealer. Here are a few concealer tips you must never forget. If you have under eye dark circles, pick an orangey-pinkish shade. If you want to conceal redness, go for a yellow one. And for pigmentation, a stick should be a better choice. Just gently pat. Do not wipe as it can wipe off your foundation.


Source: ulta.com

My best baits include –

  • Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20
  • Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Step 4 – Complete with Powder

Now finish off your even skin tone regime with a quick dusting powder. This will help even out your skin texture.

Complete with Powder

Source: beaut.ie

My best baits include –

  • Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
  • Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder
  • Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil Loose Powder

So those were the 4 makeup tips to make you look younger and also get an even skin tone in 1 minute. Hope this helps!

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