Diwali Grooming Tips


Diwali Grooming Tips

Look like a gorgeous diva this Diwali with blend of traditionalism and modernity. Whether you are lighting the diyas, decorating the entrance with colorful rangolis or visiting friends, prepare yourself to look glorious in traditional attire, impeccable make-up and styling.

Celebrate the joy and beauty of this diya-lit Diwali with color, vibrancy and brightness. An important auspicious festive occasion, this is the time to look gorgeous in Indian attire, festive make-up paired with lovely accessories.

Inspired by the Runway – Festive Make-Up

The festive look that dominated the Indian fashion scenario was interesting, vivid and colorful. From making the right kind of hairstyle to accentuating the cheekbones in right color, it has all been done in style on the ramp.

Diwali runway makeup
Source: pinterest.com

Hairdo For Diwali

This year it was all about clean and non messy hair styles. The models sashayed down the ramp with lovely hair buns and a dash of gold in the hair streaks for adventure.

Diwali Hair Styles
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Gold accessories fixing up the hairdo was a big hit and long braids were definitely in. So, treasure your long tresses this Diwali and whip up french plaits or Grecian style braids.


A neatly tied hair bun or french chignon would looks classy and elegant this Diwali. If you are going for gold accessories to tie up the hair bun or braids, then keep the jewelery and make-up to a minimal level.

Eye Make-Up

It is the festive Diwali season – Time to bring out the vibrant colors for doing fabulous eye make-up. Experiment with adventurous eye shadows like sapphire blue, emerald green, pewter, ruby red and bronze for the festive look.

Green gold eye makeup
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Also, smokey eyes are definitely in – Use a thick gel-based liner and dark kajal to line your eyes. For the diva, goddess look, extend the eye liner beyond the corner of the eyes or opt for winged eye liner. For dramatic effect, you can use shimmer eyeliner and add a whole new glamorous element to the eye make-up.

Color of Lips

With the eye make-up conveying the drama and jazz, the lips should be a low key profile and be given the soft look. Matte pinks and nude colors should be your safest bet this Diwali.

lip makeup diwali
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Glossy Nails

With your clothes and jewelery taking the heavy-duty stuff with detailing and richness, it is important to balance out the over-the-top effect. Use nude colored or pleasing pale hued nail paints with a hint of shimmer and shine. The translucent nail paint also looks good on your nails with the festive wear.

Glossy Nails
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Cheeks that blush

Natural is the look this festive season! Use natural colored blush for your cheeks which give it a natural glow and radiance. For the fair skinned people, pink-based blush works the best and an orange based one for women with dusky complexion. You can experiment with a shimmer blush while attending an evening Diwali party.

nude makeup
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Wear chic and stylish jewelery this Diwali – Too much bling can also be damaging to the beautiful traditional yet modern look. Wear elegant chokers, feisty nose rings, classy neck pieces and chandelier earrings this Diwali. Pair them right with your traditional attire by color-coordinating well. If you like gold jewelery, then choose sleek and sophisticated jewelery to keep you comfortable and make you look classy.

jewelery for Diwali
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Hope you enjoyed this edition on make-up and styling for Diwali.

Plan your wardrobe in advance and select wisely!


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