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DIY Crop Tops – Reinvent Your Wardrobe With These Cool Tricks!

by Fashionlady
DIY Crop Top

DIY Crop Top

Summer time is already here and you can’t wait to be back in your sleeveless tees and shorts and minis! No doubt your wardrobe has some of the best classics, but aren’t you a little bored with all that you have? That’s a common story behind every female – we are never satisfied with what we have in our closet and it’s a quintessential dilemma. But of course we are not Posh Beckham to refresh our wardrobe every season, but we can surely put some jazz in our boring old tops by reinventing them to DIY crop tops!

Crop tops are in season – from Alexander Wang to Dolce and Gabbana, everyone has these crop tops doing rounds on their runway. We aren’t telling you to splurge on the crops tops because this article will give you some of the best tips and tricks for DIY crop top ideas. You can refresh your wardrobe with just a snip of the scissors.

For those of you who believe that all you need for the DIY crop top is a pair of scissors, you are so wrong. We assure you, what will result after those scissors meet your old top won’t be anything short of a disaster. Agreed, you will need scissors, but there is a particular way to cut with these so that you get the perfect DIY crop t-shirt. So Edward Scissorhands, let’s get snipping!

Criss-Cross Crop Top from an old Tank Top:

We all have those white and black tank tops that we used to love some eons ago. Not only are tank tops now only restricted to the gym, but you might end up committing a fashion faux pas if you wear that outside. So the best possible way to get rid of the tank top is to revive it and make it into a DIY crop top!

Here’s how to do it: Take a pair of scissors and lay down your tank top. Now cut down a middle portion of one side of the tank top. Similarly, do it for the other side, but this time, leave two bands on either side. Now, these bands will serve the purpose of a tie-up. Wear the DIY crop top and take these bands behind on your back. Ask someone for help and tie it, voila – your DIY wrap crop top is ready!

Criss-Cross Crop Top From An Old Tank Top

Source: bloglovin.com

A button-down shirt makes a great DIY Crop top no sew!

Have some old shirts of your boyfriend lying around? Why not give them the ultimate makeover and turn them into an awesome no-sew crop top? Old shirts are great to make a wonderful crop top and you just have a few steps to completely transform them. All you have to do is remove the sleeves from the shirt. Make sure you are removing them by actually cutting along the arm seams – be very cautious about this step or else your crop top might not end up looking as you would have wanted it. Decide the length of the crop top you want, and then take the scissors and cut the back of the shirt. In the front part of the shirt, leave some strips next to the buttons to create the pieces that will be tied up together. Now, fray the edges of the top four a more relaxed look. Put the top on and tie the bottom pieces together – your shirt crop top is ready!

Buttondown Shirt

Source: cosmopolitan.com

Transform your leggings into a long sleeve crop top:

All those leggings lying around your closet are probably just gathering dust. Give them a new lease of life by transforming them into a long-sleeved DIY crop top from leggings. The process is really simple. Just fold your leggings in half and cut the crotch of the leggings. This will serve as the opening for the top. You can decide to have a V-shape or a scoop neck and depending on that make the cut with your scissors – that’s it. Your long-sleeved crop top is ready! Yes, this is on elf the simplest ways of turning your old and boring leggings into an exciting piece of crop top!

Transform Your Leggings Into a Long Sleeve Crop Top

Source: cosmopolitan.com


Turn your scarf into a crop top:

This one won’t even require you to cut off anything! You simply need to wrap the scarf in a way that it will become a crop top, so are you ready? Here you go – Fold the scarf along the long side in half. Now fold the scarf along your back in a way that resembles drying off with a towel and then even off the sides. Twist the ends one complete time to create a sweetheart neckline. Now wrap the sides of the scarf on your back and tie a knot – Tada!

Turn Your Scarf Into a Crop Top

Source: cosmopolitan.com

Sequin it:

What if the crop top you just bought lacks all that jazz? Would you want to give it a makeover? The easiest way to do so is to have some sequins from the crafts section, use a fabric gum and stick these sequins just as you like! It’s cheap, it’s effective and can be a great way to give an instant makeover to your boring old crop top! Now, this is what we call a DIY plot twist!

DIY Sequin Crop Top

Source: kristimurphy.com

So here are some of the best ideas we could find in the never-ending world of the internet about how to turn normal and mundane pieces of clothes into a new and exciting item. It not only makes you feel like you are wearing new clothes, but it also makes you feel that you just refreshed your wardrobe! Just make sure you use the right scissors and that they should be sharp enough, otherwise you may just end up fraying the t-shirt. If you are not too sure, you could practice once or twice on a t-shirt that you wouldn’t reuse, this will give you some confidence to rip your old shirts!

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