Do You Know These 13 Side Effects Of High Heels?


High Heels Side Effects

What defines glamor and sophistication in the fashion world? Pouty lips, shimmering dresses, and high heel shoes. In fact, ladies high heels have long been a symbol of style and sensuality. Two of the best examples of celebs who took to wearing high heel shoes are Marilyn Monroe and Carrie Bradshaw. Of course, our Deepika Padukones and Ali Bhatts are not far away from belonging to the high heel shoe brigade.

OK, we buy the concept of high heel shoes but do you know the side effects of high heels? The health risks associated with wearing killer heels?

This article gives you good reasons why you should think twice before wearing pencil heels! Because the disadvantages of high heels or 2-inch heels will shock you!

1. Lower Back Pain

It goes without saying that high heel shoes are the ultimate fashion statement for women. They are chic and sexy and instantly up your style quotient. Honey, comfort and stilettos do not go well together. They never did ‘cos your spine is not in much favor of high heels.

Actually, high heel shoes do not give complete support to your feet. They lead to unequal weight distribution which may trigger off pain in the lower back, inflammation, and soreness.

Lower Back Pain

2. Sore Calves

Another side effect of wearing pointed heels is sore calves. It can also lead to protruding veins, which not only look awful but are very painful too. So if you wish to flaunt toned legs, stay away from wearing high heels as heels hurt.

3. Foot Pain

No doubt, stilettos or high heels have a design which can add a swagger to your stride. But wearing high heels for the whole day can make it uncomfortable. This can lead to foot ache, even sharp pain in your heel, toes, sole, or arch.

Foot Pain

4. Ankle Sprains

Designer heels are a subject of glamor and attention. Wearing high heels is suitable only if you are treading even surfaces, not rugged and rough ones. Potholes, bumps, and cobblestones have the potential to cause a dent in your party spirit making you slip and sprain your ankle in the process.

Apart from the ankle sprain, any fall of yours can also lead to aches, bruises, and fractures. Best in your interest is to stay away from wearing your stilettos on a daily basis. If your footwear fetish doesn’t leave you, then wear high heels only on special occasions…that too limited ones.

Ankle Sprains

5. Awkward Spinal Curve

Fashionistas have their whims and fancies. Most of them wear stilettos in order to flaunt their hourglass figure. Not knowing that high heels can make the lower back arch out more than it should. The heels’ height is directly proportional to the degree of the arch in your back. The awkward arch can lead to pains in the upper and lower back regions. Why should you tamper with your spinal curve when the side effects of high heels are too many?

6. Constricts Blood Vessels:

Ladies who are accustomed to wearing high heel shoes know for a fact that ladies high heels usually make the feet appear longer and thinner.

Myth or reality?


But what is true is that the shoe shape squeezes the foot into a position which is certainly not natural and far from being comfortable. This causes stress on your foot which can result in a constricted blood flow.

Guess what?

In worst situations and extreme cases, wearing high heels may cause the blood vessels to break.

Constricts Blood Vessels

7. Crooked Feet

One of the dangerous side effects of wearing high heels is getting a “hammertoe”. And what is that?
Your foot’s unnatural position for long hours leads to a strain on the calves, blood vessels, and back. This leads to a deformity of the foot, called “hammertoe”.

Osteoarthritis can occur because high heels put an excessive pressure on your knees, which eventually leads to degeneration of knee joints.


10. Hypertension In Toes

Wearing high heels all the time may lead to this health problem.
And that is – it fixes your toes in permanent hyperextension.

11. Haglund’s Deformity

Also called ‘pump bump’, this is also one of the most common Side Effects Of High Heels. Haglund’s Deformity is identified when there is a bony enlargement on the back of your heel. In fact, the soft tissue next to your Achilles tendon gets irritated when this bony enlargement tends to rub against your high heel shoes.

To overcome this deformity, specialists suggest STRETCHING EXERCISES that help bring you relief from the tension brought by prolonged wear of high heels.

Side Effects Of High Heels

12. Morton’s Neuroma

This is one of the most important side effects of wearing high heels. Not many of us know that the height of our heels and a narrow toe box can thicken the tissues around the nerves between our toes. The result will be Morton’s neuroma.

What are the common symptoms of Morton’s neuroma?

From numbness to weight bearing pain to paresthesia (tickling skin sensation).

Mortons Neuroma

13. Tendon Problems

Be prepared to face tendon problems if you wear high heels more than 5 days a week. When it happens, it might shrink your calf muscle fibers by about 13%!!

Tendon Problems

As per the Journal of Experimental Biology, tendon problems due to overuse of high heels can also thicken your Achilles tendon. They can change the resting position of your ankle, making your foot point down more than usual.

Having read the side effects of high heels, do you still want to go in for high heel shoes? Comfort more than style can add that confidence and swing in your strut no matter what the occasion is. Remember, to prioritize your health always. Write in and tell us your views on the disadvantages of high heels.


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