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Dry Skin Pregnancy Tips For Expecting Mothers

by Fashionlady
itchy skin in pregnancy

dry skin pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life and it is also the time when an expecting mother’s body stars behaving in the strangest of manner. One of the most common problems that an expecting mother will face in the coming few days is the problem of dry skin pregnancy. Not just dry skin, but dry eyes is also very common and is especially troublesome for those who wear lenses. Dry skin in pregnancy is very common and in this article we will address this issue, and causes of dry skin pregnancy and how to get respite from this.

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Let’s Start With The Basic: Why Do You Have Itchy Skin In Pregnancy?

Well, some of you may have already guessed the answer. You have a life growing inside you and virtually every inch of your body is involved in nourishing this tiny seed. So with all the body fluid and blood needed for this being, the moisture is also being sucked out from different parts of the body. Hence, it becomes a little troublesome for your body to maintain the hydration levels and this is especially for those extreme body parts like hands and feet. Dry skin pregnancy symptoms will be first felt on your hands and legs. And once you start feeling that itchy and scaly feeling on your hands and legs, it is important that you take control.

As the day of delivery gets closer, you will feel that these dry sin pregnancy symptoms are getting even more pronounced and evident. You need to have the right resources to battle this. And in the next section, we will talk about how to take care of dry skin pregnancy.

dry skin pregnancy symptoms

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Drink Up

No! We are not asking you to guzzle beer! Instead, drink as much as water as you can. Water is the elixir of life and in this case, it is also the only hydrating potion that will work to keep your body smooth and supple. Drink more water and make it a habit. Continue from early in the morning by chugging down two glasses of water and then continue doing it throughout the day. It is difficult, but you can certainly do it.

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causes of dry skin pregnancy

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Moisturize And Moisturize More

Use a rich, emollient moisturizer and when you are going out in the sun; make sure you use a hydrating sunscreen. Apply loads of moisturizer to the dry parts of your skin and if possible, keep these parts extra moisturized all the time. Sometimes the dry skin pregnancy can itch a lot and in this case you should look out for anti-itching creams like lactocalamine. As your belly starts to grow, your skin will also start stretching around your body. As such, you will start feeling an itching around the stretchy skin. Use a cream which is very rich in texture and keep applying it at regular intervals to prevent this itching.


If it’s the winter season, you will need to reapply your creams and lotions more. The trick is to lock in the moisture. Unscented products are the best ones because most of the scented products can irritate the already dry skin more. Some problems areas like knees, elbows etc. need more protection so take care to apply more cream here.

dry skin in pregnancy

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Use A Humidifier

Since dry skin is pretty inevitable, you can battle the elements of the weather by using a humidifier in your room. Turn it on at night before you sleep to increase the moisture content inside your bedroom. Some women also find that the white noise might that the humidifier makes mat help you sleep better!

dry skin pregnancy symptom

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Dry, itchy and scaly skin is a pain and in order to battle them effectively, make sure you follow the tips we gave you.

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