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Easy Ways to Feel and Look Beautiful When You Wake Up

by Fashionlady
Easy Ways to Feel and Look Beautiful When You Wake Up

Easy Ways to Feel and Look Beautiful When You Wake Up
Waking up in the morning can be difficult enough without having to dreading facing the mirror. While some people wake up in the morning feeling fresh and nice, some others (like me) wake up feeling cranky and blotted. So for all of us grumpy morning people, here are some simple tricks and tips to help us wake up feeling beautiful.

Swap Cotton Bedspread and Pillow Covers for Silk Ones

Cotton can be a bit abrasive on your skin and hair. So change to silk covers that are super soft and gentle on your skin. You will not have to worry about sleep lines anymore.

Swap Cotton Bedspread and Pillow Covers

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Braid Your Hair before Going to Bed

Braiding your hair before going to bed will help keep the tangles and knots to a minimum. As an added bonus you will also end up with nice waves when you remove the braid in the morning.

Sleep on Your Back

Make it a habit to sleep on your back. Sleeping face down will damage your skin and can even lead to premature wrinkles and sagging of the skin as your face gets crushed in the pillow. So always sleep on your back to avoid that scenario.

Always Get Your Seven to Eight Hours of Sleep

If you are sleep-deprived you can bet that it is going to show on your face. Dark circles and puffy eyes are definitely not going to make you feel beautiful. So always try and get your eight hours of sleep. Also, try to go to bed at the same time everyday to train your body clock. Once your body knows your routine, going to sleep and waking up on time will not seem like such a huge task.

Invest in a Good Night Cream

Slather on a night time treatment cream. Think about it logically: you are going to be sleeping for the next seven to eight hours which is ample time for your skin to get some treatment. Determine if you want to invest in a skin firming cream or spot reducing cream depending on your requirements.


Also make sure you slather on some lip balm to keep your lips from feeling dry and chapped in the morning.

Keep a Bottle of Water on the Nightstand

Ever woken up feeling parched and dehydrated? That is your body’s way of telling you that you have not been drinking enough water. Especially if you sleep with the air conditioner on, which actually further dehydrates your body. So always keep a bottle of water at hand and take a sip or two when you wake up to use the restroom anytime during the night.

Have an Early Dinner

Give your body time to digest your dinner before you hit the sack. Having an early dinner will help you feel nice and energetic in the morning instead of blotted and sick. If you feel hungry later, have a glass of milk to curb it. And avoid having sweets during bedtime as sugar gets your brain up and running, thus squashing any chances of a peaceful deep sleep.

Try Sleeping Naked

As bizarre as it might seem in the beginning, sleeping without clothes actually makes you more comfortable. There have been some studies and research done on this subject that have stated that sleeping in the nude seems to instil deeper sleep in participants over a period of time. Try it, it is quite liberating and you might just find that this is all you needed to do to get a full nights’ sleep.

Lastly, set a happy pleasant tone for your alarm. You want to wake up feeling happy and ready to take on the world, so choose an alarm tone that will get you energised.

Hope this post on how to feel and look beautiful when you wake up is useful. Tell us your views in comments.

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