10 Different Ways To Use Your Mom’s Old Silk Saree


10 Different Ways To Use Your Mom’s Old Silk Saree
Saree is our traditional outfit and for obvious reasons I am sure your mom must be having numerous sarees stocked in her closet, of which some of them are now of no use to her either they are outdated or she dislikes the color or may have too much bling on them.

Instead of having them stacked in the wardrobe and letting them consume that space on the shelf, why don’t we help you in re-cycling the old silk saree to something you would wear and love to show off as a creation of your own. The woven or the zari work on border and pallu can be used to recreate products using the old silk saree. Be it kanjivaram silks, printed silk crepes or even cotton – silk, let the type of fabric not affect your creativity.

All those who wanted answers on, what to do with old silk sarees and how to make best of old sarees that belong to your mom and grandmother, you are absolutely at the right place.

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Let’s look at different ways to re-sue the old silk sarees

1. Silk Dress

A saree can be transformed into a stylish and classy dress. The vibrant colors and the silk fabric will make it look stunning. You can rush to a boutique nearby and ask the designer to transform your mom’s silk saree into a beautiful dress or you can do it yourself.

Silk Dress
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2. Silk Lehenga

Silk lehengas look really beautiful and are sure to catch as many eyes as possible. A silk saree can be beautifully transformed into a silk Lehenga. You can wear it to any family function or a wedding celebration.

Silk Lehenga
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3. Silk Pants

Want to look stylish and trendy? Silk pants always look stylish and never go out of trend. You can get your mom’s printed silk saree stitched into a silk pant. You can also use plain black, red, white or royal blue saree as palazzo pants. Team these silk saree turned pants with your favorite crop top and walk like a diva!

Silk Pants
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4. Salwar-Kurti

Here’s yet another stunning idea to use your mom’s old silk saree. Silk fabric always looks elegant and classy. Get a silk salwar kurti stitched. It could be plain or have prints on it. Either way the kurti would look gorgeous. Wear them with leggings, jeggings or denims. Just make sure you use good color combinations and carry it off with pride.

Salwar Kurti
Source: indianroots.com

5. Silk Handbags, purses or bags

Silk handbags look beautiful. Tote bags, jhola bags, clutches or wallets, you can easily get your mom’s old saree transformed into your favorite kind of bag. Silk bags look stunning when carried with ethnic outfits in parties and gatherings.


Silk Handbags purses or bags
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6. Jackets

You can transform your mother’s silk saree into a stunning silk jacket. A bright color silk jacket might be a good choice for various events and gathering. Wearing jackets have become a trend lately. Women are gracing this trend with salwar’s and sarees too.

Source: shibumistyle.com

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7. Dupattas

You can use a silk saree as a dupatta or stole. You can use it any time. You can team it up with a kurti and a legging of your choice.

Source: jaypore.com

8. Skirts or wraparounds

Mini silk skirts are for stunners. You can get your mom’s old silk saree transformed into a beautiful short skirt for yourself. You can also get a silk saree transformed into a long skirt or a wraparound. It looks gorgeous.

Skirts or wraparounds
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9. Scarf

Silk scarves never go out of trend. You can wear a silk scarf in any climate. These scarves look good with almost any outfit, may it be a dress, jeans-shirt or skirt-top.

Source: pinterest.com

10. Silk Accessories

Even if you have bits of the silk material after you have made apparels for yourself, you could ask you tailor to hem the corners and use these pieces as accessories for your head – as a bandana, as a hair tie, a head band or even tie them around your handbag and make a cute looking bow.

Silk Accessories
Source: typepad.com

So, these were the best ways to use your mom’s old silk saree. There are many more ideas in which you can use your mom’s old silk saree. All you need to do is look around, seek inspirations and expand the horizons of your creativity.



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