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Eco-Friendly Tampons: For a Greener Future

by Fashionlady
Eco Friendly Tampons

Eco Friendly Tampons

We are all moving towards a greener and cleaner future. Over the years we have done so much damage to Mother Earth that it is now to reconcile with her and bring her back to her pristine self. As women we use feminine products for our ‘Those’ days of the month. Every year hundreds and thousands of women use pads which are the first things we learn to use during our menstrual cycle. But are these pads eco-friendly enough? In fact, statistics pointed out that 3/4th women actually prefer to use tampons instead of pads. So what is it that we can do towards a greener planet?

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Well, scientists have come up with some amazing feminine products which are actually eco-friendly and help you with a greener period. Here are some of these eco-friendly products available in the market right now:

Jade and Pearl Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons, $7

These are a little on the expensive side, but they are amazing, to say the least. The Jade & Pearl applicator-free tampons are made from 100% organic cotton and they come in various recognizable sizes which include regular-sized ones, the ones which are super big, and one which is also named as super plus. What makes this product great is the fact that they are actually one of the worlds’s first fully certified organic cotton tampons. This means that once you use them they are 100% biodegradable and you won’t feel bad about throwing them and them posing as hazards to nature.

Jade and Pearl Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons

Source: aliexpress.com

Sea Pearls

Now these don’t even sound like tampons! Sea pearls are actually reusable and sustainably harvested Atlantic sea sponge tampons. The makers of this also claim that these sea pearls are dioxin and rayon-free. The product can be used for up to eight hours but it depends a lot on how your flow is. What’s more, you can completely replace them only every six months! Wow!

The product also claims that there is going to be no odor and no leakage. And many women who have used these sea pearls claim that they are in fact more comfortable than tampons! Now that’s something we would definitely like to try!

Sea Pearls Tampons

Source: seaspongecompany.com


Maxim’s Organic Tampons

Another one from the organic range, Maxim’s organic cotton tampons are one of those few tampons which can be ordered with or without an applicator. Most women feel that they cannot put a tampon in without an applicator, but Maxim actually proves your wrong!

Keeping the green theme in mind, if you choose Maxim’s Organic Tampons and their applicator version, you will be amazed to see that the applicators are actually made from cardboard. The product thus claims about maximum environmental good vibes! Though they are a little expensive, you can easily order a full case for $75, which is actually a steal deal!

Maxim Organic Tampons

Source: iherb.com

Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Organic Cotton Tampons

Another one from the tampon range, Seventh Generation claims that it is made of 100 percent certified organic cotton. It also claims that it is free of any kind of synthetic materials, like rayon, and chemical additives. The biggest difference it has from other organic tampons available in the market is that is it non-chlorine bleached.

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You can use Seventh Generation up to eight hours and this will again vary depending on the amount of flow you have. The product also claims that there is no kind of leakage and odors of any kind while using it!
Most consumers who have used it say that it is pretty much like their Natracare counterparts. Also, the Seventh Generation tampons are very strong and meet all your expectations when it comes to a good, sturdy and rugged tampon.

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Organic Cotton Tampons

Source: iherb.com

So if you do want to play a part for a greener and cleaner future, make sure you buy these products!

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