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Everything You Needed To Know About The Famous Tabata Cardio Workout

by Fashionlady
Cardio Exercises

Tabata Cardio Workout

If you don’t have the time to tone the body, no worries – the tabata cardio workout can help you. You don’t have to spend too much time on any given day, because research has shown, even the four minute to forty minute tabata cardio workout, can help you lose that unwanted and unhealthy fat and weight in the body. So today we would share a couple of ideas on the tabata cardio workout, which will help shape your body up! Read on!

Top 8 Cardio Tabata Ideas

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1. Biking

If you have a gym bike at home, this can help, or else you can bike around the locality each morning for five minutes which engages the lower body and skyrockets the heartbeat too. Stationary bikes are best to use, and are apt for tabata cardio workout plans.

Womens Tabata Cardio Exercises

2. Hindu Squats

The west has adopted this from us; where you squat with your legs that are kept parallel to the ground. Go more down and drop the butt to the section of your heels until the tips of your finger brush against the surface of the ground. This is what makes the heartbeat rise up as well and more muscles are engaged too.

Best Tabata Cardio Exercises

3. Lunges

We love and hate them in equal measure, but lunges can help. When jumping alternate on each leg, start with the right foot frontwards and then a deep lunge until the leg is parallel to the ground. Do the same for the next leg and take a landing lunge with the right, until your leg is parallel to the ground.

Ideas for Cardio Tabata

4. A Jump Rope

Seems easy but it is not so after the first ten steps. Do the jump rope technique with both feet together, criss-cross or with heels in front as the boxers do, and alternate the changes within the routine to make the tabata cardio exercises work for your cardio needs. The length of the rope should go higher than that of your armpits or else the exercise goes down in vain.

Tabata Cardio Workout Plan

5. Bench Jumps

Bench jumps are a great way to lose that belly fat and fat from all over the body too. If you don’t have a bench, you could use two stairs from a flight of stairs to do the same or a ply box too. Stand in front of the object and jump off both feet to the top and then down with both feet together. Don’t rest between the jumps, keep doing at least ten and then do step ups in between.


Tabata Cardio Exercise

6.Weight Bench Hops

The weight bench hop-overs is an exercise where you place one hand over the top of the bench and then with your feet hop onto its surface and then back. The feet should be together when hopping onto the surface and landing below. You get to choose if you want to jump horizontal or vertical.

Tabata Cardio Exercises

7. Mini Trampoline Jumps

Also known as BOSU, the mini trampoline jumps can have plenty of benefits for the cardio system to attain. This is an exercise that makes it less pounding and gives the same effect as that of running. Place your hand on a chair or a wall if you don’t have a trampoline bar at home, and make sure you have your balance, and jump with both feet together towards the object.

Best Tabata Cardio Workout

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