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Light Up The Night With Glow In The Dark Tattoos

by Fashionlady
Glow In The Dark Tattoos For Women

Glow In The Dark Tattoos

Most of us want to stand out in the crowd. And there are umpteen ways to go about it. For example, doing what others don’t want to and living on your own terms. Glow in the dark tattoos is one such example that might well pass off as an outstanding approach to defying all rules.

Whatever we call it, be it uv tattoo, glowing tattoo, lighting tattoo, ultraviolet tattoo, uv ink tattoo, or fluorescent tattoo, there are two types of glow in the dark tattoos – invisible UV ink and coloured UV ink tattoos.

Despite these fancy names, your major query could be how long do glow in the dark tattoos last. Well, they only glow when they are exposed to the UV light rays (also known as blacklight).

I think it is worthwhile knowing more about glow in the dark tattoos and clear the air. What say?

Invisible UV Ink Tattoos

You will find that a good number of glowing tattoos are invisible, despite the fact that you can see their presence. But the moment you expose them to a UV light source, bingo, they look visible.

There is a breed of tattoo designers who layer invisible ink beneath or over the normal tattoo. This helps create a glowing effect.

The UV inks which are used in creating these tattoos are a product of fluorescent inks. When made safely, this special ink does not have any chemical agents like phosphorus which can otherwise bring you harm when they get into your body.

Invisible UV Ink Tattoos

Colored UV Ink Tattoos

This looks exactly like a regular tattoo when seen in natural light. But under UV light, the ink will glow making the colors look more fluorescent. To deliver a striking effect, colored UV ink is often used in conjunction with invisible ink.

Colored Uv Ink Tattoos

Tattoo Placement

The ultraviolet tattoo, like all other tattoos, is subject to fading when exposed to the sun. And when it comes to placement of a tattoo, it has to be easily accessible when the lights are on.

Following are the placement areas to get best results:

1. Arms

Arms, particularly the upper region, would be the best choice for tattoo placement. Why so because this way you get to shield your tattooed arms from the sun’s rays.

Arms Tattoos For Women

2. Shoulders

Concealing the glowing tattoo on the shoulders from the sun is fairly easy as against other body parts. Plus they are easy to show when you want to expose them to the black lights (meaning UV lights) at the club.

Other areas where you can get uv ink tattoo done are your neck, lower part of your back and calves.

Pros And Cons Of Glow in The Dark Tattoos

The uv ink tattoo has its pros and cons like all tattoos. See to it that you are informed of them before taking the plunge.

Secondly, UV Ink has the ability to make a tattoo design pop out. More so for the club-clad teenagers where the clubs use UV lights.

Thirdly, a UV Ink tattoo is unusual. It’s a glowing tattoo, remember.

2. Cons Of UV Ink

A glowing tattoo can be easily rejected by the skin as compared to the inks which are used in regular tattoo. Sometimes they get so uncomfortable that they have to be removed since they can cause irritation. Plus it can be tough finding a tattoo shop that uses the right kind of ink while doing uv tattoo. This can be taken as glow in the dark tattoos side effect.

3. Glow In The Dark Tattoos

Here are few design ideas that will help you choose the right ultraviolet tattoo. Much depends on the type of ink you like.

Cup Cake: Most of the glowing tattoo have a single shade. The good thing about a cupcake is that it has multiple colours which make it attractive like anything when sported on the shoulder or arm.

Gold Fish: Imagine a cute fish which is as much visible in black light as much as regular light. When you go in for a gold fish tattoo, get the eye part of it touched using a UV ink in order to make it look unique and attractive.

Think: This is the best form of uv tattoo. Imagine showing the word THINK each time you walk into a club with black light.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog on uv ink tattoo, ultraviolet tattoo, fluorescent tattoo. Look forward to your replies and comments on this new form of body art.

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