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Everything You Want To Know About Muga Silk And Its Fashionable Touch!

by Fashionlady
Muga Silk Sarees

Muga Silk Sarees

The next time a friend goes to assam and asks you what gift you would like, you should ask for a saree made from muga silk.

Pure Muga Silk Saree

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Muga silk sarees are made from the rarest of silks in the world. Nowhere else apart from assam would you find muga silk. The silk is pure and chaste, and is a class apart; a version you would not see anywhere else, no matter what.

Muga Silk Fabric

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Totally Yellowish Golden In Tones

This is the rarity of muga silk, the yellowish golden tones is native to assam and no where else. It is because of the famous muga silkworm that is found here in assam, and sources say the species of worm has been around since the dinosaurs were roaming the planet. Now imagine how old this form of silk is?

Muga Silk Sarees Designs

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Muga silkworms are very sensitive and cannot stand the slightest touch of pathogens and pollutants. The silk thus produced from the worms are 100 percent organic and natural, and the fiber is one of the strongest, ever known to mankind.

Muga Sarees From Assam

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It Is Expensive

Yes, the royals and the creme de la creme of society back then only wore muga silk and even today, it is known as one of the most expensive fabrics to be produced in the world. And only the upper segments of the market are catered too, because of its longevity and organic touches, and the strength of the fabric. In some records it has been shown, muga silk sarees have been passed down from generations to generations, which means, it outlives the wearers’ lives.

Best Muga Silk Sarees

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In This Day And Age

It is in the west garo hills of assam where the cultivation of muga silk takes place, and is known to be the only HOME of the muga silkworm too. Soalu and som are the species of the worms that bring the muga silk thread to us. The silk farmers toil a lot to gain access to the worms and cultivate them.

Muga Silk Fabric Fashion

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What we love about pure muga silk sarees are the richness of them all; embroideries and floral touches, fauna designs and the the native culture depicted on each of the sarees. The BIHU muga silk fabric fashion is a statement, which is fabulous and unique. This is why it makes for a wonderful attire that women can wear for grand occasions.

Best Muga Silk

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A Fact

It takes around a thousand cocoons to get around one hundred and twenty five grams of silk from the source, and to make one saree from the same, around one thousand grams of muga silk would be needed.


Muga Silk Fashion

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There are many varieties for you to choose from when you talk about muga silk fabric and sarees from assam. And there are many innovations for one to choose from too. Women up in assam wear muga silk mehelka sadar in urban areas, and mostly in five yards.

Pure Muga Silk Trend

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The essential bridal piece for an assamese bride would be the mehelka sadar, which is a two piece bridal couture, but there is another version called the REEHA which is worn for grand occasions, festivals and various religious ceremonies too.

Muga Silk Trend

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There is a special way to maintain them too. You need to gently wash them in cold water and the detergent used should be very mild.

Muga Silk Designs

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The World Loves Muga Silk

From USA to Europe to South Africa and even in the Middle East, Japan too loves muga silk sarees designs. Designers are now using them for western fashion trends and statements, and it is popular in japan for the making of high end kimonos too.

Indian Muga Silk Sarees

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