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Facts About Hair: Hair Myths You Have to Stop Believing in Now!

by Fashionlady
Facts About Hair Hair Myths You Have to Stop!

Facts About Hair Hair Myths You Have to Stop Believing in Now!
Your hair is your property and you would do anything to keep it shiny, healthy and supple. Sure we have our fair share of wars with our tresses, but it doesn’t mean you would stop caring! A lot of people have of misconceptions about their hair. We are here to debunk those myths and get the story straight-once and for all. So, let’s begin on some facts about hair!

Myth 1: Keep It Squeaky Clean, Shampoo Every Day

Umm, that is not quite right. If you shampoo your hair every single day, you will end up stripping your hair of all the essential oils. It will dry out the oils and strip all the proteins off the hair strands. You should shampoo your hair, but not every day. Give it a rest and wash off all the products but restrict it to only twice a week.

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Keep It Squeaky Clean, Shampoo Every Day


Myth 2: Chop it off, see it grow

Think for yourself, is this logically possible? How does chopping off your hair affect its growth? Yes, trimming helps you get rid of those pesky split ends, but it will certainly not affect the way your hair grows. Hair growth is from the ends of the shaft and not from the ends. So, do go for regular trims but to achieve hair growth, feed your hair right and care for it.
chop off your hair

Myth 3: Pluck One Grey Hair, Be cursed With Two

That’s what grandma used to say right? Do not pluck your grey hair! If you do, you will have two in one’s place! Umm, not correct again! When you plucked your grey hair, you picked it up from one follicle. How would it give rise to another one? Plucking should be avoided because it can lead to a bald spot, but it definitely does not give you more grey hair!

Pluck One Grey Hair, Be cursed With Two


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Myth 4: Brush, Brush and More Brush


For healthy hair, brush your hair at least 100 times a day. Absurd! If you do that, your hair will not thank you. Brushing is a good way to detangle knots and give your scalp some good blood circulation but it does not mean that you have to use the brush hundred times a day! In fact, excessive brushing may harm your hair and you may end up with some damaged cuticles and loss of hair! So give that brush some rest.

Brush, Brush and More Brush


Myth 5: No Dye during Pregnancy

Don’t pregnant woman want to look good? Some experts say that dyeing your hair during pregnancy can actually harm the baby! Now how ludicrous is that? How can hair colour affect the baby’s health in any way? The main concern with hair dye was that the ammonia fumes in them could be problematic for the baby. But nowadays most of the hair colours are formulated without any ammonia. So it is safe to say that you can be a blonde and a redhead even when you are pregnant!

No Dye during Pregnancy


Myth 6: Expensive Products Can Repair Split Ends

Unless you are buying some kind of hair glue! Split ends are pesky and we all have them. But the only solution to get rid of them is to trim them off. To keep split ends at bay, feed your hair and moisturize it. Keep it healthy by not putting too much heat or chemicals on them.

Expensive Products Can Repair Split Ends


Love your hair and your hair will love you back! Remember, science has an answer to everything so, if something does not seem right, do not believe it blindly! Hope you enjoyed this article on interesting facts about hair.

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