12 Fantabulous Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Party


House Party Decoration

With few days to go before the year ends, most of us will be doing last minute planning. Of what? How to organize a party at home, silly.

This means right from menu planning to house party decoration – everything has to be chalked out, and with great detail. There are party games for kids to be looked into with as much importance as fun games for adults at home party.

Fun Games For Adults At Home Party
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Getting scared?

Why when all you have to do is read these super easy tips for preparing your home for a party.

Let’s get started.

Tips For Preparing Your Home For a Party
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1. Think You Are A Guest

And it will help you the most. Honestly! Because when you put yourself in the shoes of your guests, you will be able to analyze things better. Do a round of your home with a visitor’s eye. It will help you get a new perspective on your home – the imperfections rather (which we tend to avoid in our daily chores).

To put things in the correct perspective –
CLEAN up the cobwebs in the corners (hidden ones too), the dirt on the floor, books in the book rack, shoes in the shoe rack. CLEAN the refrigerator and clear the countertops. Check your bathrooms and toilets. Toilet and bathroom fragrances are a good idea. Clean the private spaces also of any dirt.

2. Evaluate Things

Whatever is to be done needs to be listed down first. Make a list of rooms and places in your home which need attention – from sprucing to dressing. Put your ‘Strategy’ in place.

Hey, don’t forget entry areas and wardrobe places. The neglected areas also demand house party decoration.

3. Start With Important Rooms

Begin house cleaning and decor from the entryway to your home…then work your way to the places which will be most visited by your guests. It makes sense to study cleaning guides for living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, even doors, and windows. Remember, you can’t restrict your guests to the living room only when it is a house party.

Clean the glass of your front door. You need to give your entry point a fresh and welcoming feel and appearance.

Source: mirror.co.uk
Source: mirror.co.uk

4. De-clutter

The word clutter is itself negative. One of the basic tips for preparing your home for a party is to de-clutter your rooms. That way you can allow guests to move freely in your home. Choose a small junk drawer, to begin with. The best method to adopt for house party decoration is to use the 4-container method.

How To Prepare For a Party At Your House
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What’s the 4-container method about?

Make 4 boxes and label them in 4 categories – TRASH, GIVE AWAY/SELL, STORAGE, PUT AWAY.

This will not only help you organize your storage but it will also help you identify ‘open’ unutilized space which you had never thought existed before.

Doesn’t this sound like an awesome way to de-clutter your home?

5. Taking Shortcuts That Work

If there aren’t any kids invited to the year-end party, then good news! You need not worry about cleaning family bedrooms.


8. Add Your Finishing Touches

Hmmm! Sorting the clutter and getting rid of dirt is not the be-all-end-all. For hosting a cozy house party, you need to make the space more comfortable and inviting. Adding small aesthetic adornments like flower arrangements, photographs, candles, or incense go a long way in enhancing the appeal and warmth of your home and is one of the most popular tips for preparing a home for a party. You know stimulating the senses of your guests particularly at the New Year’s Eve is a good thing. After you have cleaned and de-cluttered the space, walk through your home to see how your guests (the special ones importantly) will perceive the beauty and ambiance of your home.

Home Party Decoration
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9. Laundry Baskets

Talk of organizing tools and laundry baskets are the best bet. Have separate laundry baskets for each member of your family. And ask each family member to drop in his/her garment in the respective laundry basket.

10. Polish Party Spaces

As the party day nears, polish the spaces where the guests are likely to spend most of their time (don’t forget the washroom as that is also a frequently visited area).

11. Add The Entertainment Element

Keeping children occupied in a New Year’s party is no small task. It’s a challenge. Relax. The options are many – from arranging easy party food (chips, colas, pasta, chocolates, toffees) to organizing party games for kids (treasure hunt game, tug of war, Marco Polo etc.).

Party Games For Kids
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Adults need not be deprived of this fun factor. There are fun games for adults at home party – e.g. playing Tambola, etc. It’s super enjoyable!

Fun Games For Adults Home Party
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12. Enjoy The Party

The party is at your place. You need to make sure that the enjoyment quotient is not missing from your house party. So, as the host, you need to make your guests feel comfortable and then initiate them to participate in conversations and games. Then only you will see the happiness spread in your abode.

Easy Party Food
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Remember, do not stress over little things that may seem to go wrong while the party is on. You just need to enjoy the fruits of your labor and go with the flow. Hope you get my point.

So, I hope you found these house party decoration tips useful and helpful. Write in your comments and share your tips and ideas with us. Have a memorable party time this New Year’s Eve!


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