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For Health Enthusiasts: Take A Look At Kola Nut Side Effect

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kola nut side effects

kola nut side effect

Whether it is Cola Nut or Kola nut, doesn’t the name sound interesting? Go across to Nigeria and ask the tribes there how kola tree is thought to be the first tree on Earth.

Grown in West African countries for hospitality and social ceremonies, Garcinia kola might give a feeling of a nut that can be munched and relished, though bitter it is.

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Kola nut is packed with a punch, so what if it’s small in size. It has multiple functions that would surprise you like anything, besides the fact, that it is the origin of the word ‘cola’.

To start with, kola nut acts as a stimulant in energy drinks. It’s also a performance enhancer, a weight loss supplement, treats headache, cough, tuberculosis, diarrhoea, bacterial infections and improves upon cardiovascular health.

So effective is kola nut that its fruit, bark, seeds and nuts is used to shoo away cough and fever, going by folklore. In fact, Garcinia kola has been known to improve the strength of the fibers in the lung tissue.

All these health benefits can be linked upto a flavonoid present in it which has influenced its use for medicinal purpose in African continent.

But like every good thing has a flip side to it, so also does kola nut in the form of side effects. The kola nut side effect is not something to lose sleep about, but something to be aware of.

Kola Nut Side Effect

All you need to do is consume the caffeine in moderation, say about 250 mg a day as per the University of Maryland Medical Center. This will help minimise kola nut side effect to a great extent.

Symptoms kola nut side effect

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Symptoms Of Consuming Kola Nut: A Close Perspective

1. Insomnia

For all the sleep hungry, this is a piece of information that is very vital. Apparently, kola nut triggers off the central nervous system by stimulating it. This can interfere with your sleep patterns by inhibiting the neurotransmitters which lead to reduced brain activity. Such a thing happens when doses of caffeine shoot up to more than 400 mg a day.

2. Upset Stomach

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Upon consumption of products that have kola nut, there is likely to be increased production of stomach acid. This can lead to vomiting, heartburn and nausea. Moreover, the caffeine content in kola nut is connected with increase frequency of urination, though this claim is yet to be confirmed on a scientific basis.


3. Hands Feeling Unsteady

5. Withdrawal Symptoms For Caffeine Drinkers

Kola nut supplements such as nutritional supplements and energy drinks are known to provide caffeine. Those of you who are habituated in drinking high amounts of caffeine may face Symptoms kola nut side effect such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache and drowsiness.

The ideal way of consuming kola nut is to grind the nut before using it. If you are keen on increasing the caffeine content, then just add the kola nut powder to coffee. By the way, you can also have kola nut in the form of tea or take its powder in capsule form, whatever the case may be.

side effects

Last word for individuals who want to try out kola nut – those of you down with peptic ulcer disease should try and avoid kola nut since it can cause acidic effect on your stomach. This can further stimulate ulcers which can be painful and troublesome.

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All said and done – the side effects of kola nut can be kept at bay. Just monitor its intake and enjoy it.

Do let us know how informative you found the info shared above on kola nut.

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