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Gorgeous Bridal Hair Accessories From The West Our Girls In The East Can Wear

by Fashionlady
Bridal Hair Clips

Bridal Hair Accessories

It’s time to dress up your hair, and we are here to show you a couple of international bridal hair accessories, worn by brides and those that would grace the Indian lass’s hair too. When you are getting a demo done for the bridal hair, speak to the hairstylist and let him or her know which bridal hair accessories you plan to wear on the big day. Choose one or two bridal hair accessories from the lot and wear them accordingly, per change. Take a look at some of the most beautiful western bridal hair accessories that we Indians can emulate and wear at our weddings or wear them as bridesmaids.

Gorgeous Bridal Hair Clips And Accessories

1. For a very boho chic look at your wedding or maybe at your bestie’s wedding, when you are her bridesmaid, a bohemian floral touch for the hair does justice. It matches up with the makeup and can be neatly placed sideways with an updo too.

Indian Bridal Hair Clips
2. For women who love minimalism, you can now wear silver or ivory bridal hair bands with floral touches in pearls and crystals. This would be a perfect match to flaunt at the wedding reception, with sarees or lehengas in neutral shades.


Bridal Party Hair Accessories
3. For a bold yet unique statement to make, and that too in one piece, one can wear white or silver flowers on the hair to make a scintillating statement. Wear them as a crown or maybe on the puffed up updo, and you would look like a princess.

Bridal Hair Pieces
4. Beautiful and gorgeous wedding headbands in neutral tones to shades of ivory can be worn at wedding receptions too. The trick is to blend the piece in, with tong hair and waves.

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Favorite Bridal Hair Accessories

5. For a very chic and luxe touch, the luxurious rhinestone bridal hair band is a must have at the occasion. It can be worn with chic ethnic sarees and lehengas in gorgeous pearly whites, off white and creams.

Bridal Wedding Hair Accessories
6. If you aren’t the one to wear too much bling, maybe mattifying it down a notch or two can help. What you can do with your elegant updos would be to wear the ivory and peach roses as an embellishment.

Wedding Hair Pins
7. Gorgeous white primroses and stars in tiny shapes can drape the braids and plaits or the paranda you wear at the wedding. The look comes about as very feminine and clean, and also very uniquely gorgeous as well.

Indian Wedding Hair Accessories

8. For a very vintage touch, you could wear hair comb pieces on one side of the hair whilst allowing the curls on the other side to fall free.

Wedding Hair Accessories

9. Bridal flower headbands made from crystals, stones, chic pearls and more, can replace the heavy maangtikas worn at Indian weddings. And they can double up as a bohemian fashion statement for the reception too.

Hair Accessories India
10. For gorgeous wavy cascading hairdo’s the wiring petals and beads in pearly whites or off-whites can make a tantalizing touch come through. This can be worn at the wedding or maybe at the reception as well.

Bridal Hair Accessories Flowers

12. Gorgeous white pearly hairpins would be an ideal way to dress up an updo or a braid. Pin them in at regular intervals!

Gorgeous Bridal Hair Accessories
13. Bold and large, crystal and rhinestone embedded bridal hair accessories can be worn with reception wear in various colors, and on various hairdos as well.

Indian Bridal Hair Accessories

We hope this post inspires you to try out various bridal hair accessories and clips on your big day! You can emulate bridal hair clips or look for them across social media to seek inspiration from!

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